The Livingroom Transfer

Well, hello there everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  Lewisville is under the weather- in so many ways. It started snowing last night and as we're approaching early evening, it hasn't stopped.  So far it's been 12 hours and we are truly in a winter wonderland. The munchkins are also S-I-C-K.  We're talking 103+ fevers, coughs, aches, pains, and the rest.  It's been a long week.

 I had high hopes of getting rid of my moving boxes in the living room, but that just wasn't going to happen with the sickies.  We are still zig zagging through a maze of boxes in every room.  Each day I wake up inspired to get the house in order.  I set goals to get such and such accomplished, but at the end of the day, it doesn't look like much has changed.  I keep running into the "transfer" problem.  What worked so well in my old house doesn't work here;  it doesn't "transfer" well for one reason or another.  Let me show you what I mean. 

Here's my living room.  Challenge #1- #3:  it's smaller than my last living room; the room is a long rectangle rather than the square I was used to; and the fire place is in the middle of the room.  I can't position the sofa in front of the fireplace because it would block the only entry from the front door into the living room.  Don't worry, the sofa is not going to stay at the angle that it is in the picture.  I was just trying something out.

I did however manage to set up my Fall Mantel.  I used most of my pieces from the peninsula mantel in my old house.  This transfer I like!

Challenge #4.  Our furniture doesn't work for the space.  In the last house, we mounted our T.V.  Here, we can't do any type of T.V. mount.  We don't have a media cabinet or T.V. stand so we're doing what all sensible people would do in this situation-

We're using a dining room chair to hold our T.V.  Yup, those are my thrift store chairs I proudly  transformed just a few weeks ago.  Those curtains, I know, don't work for this huge window either.  I just needed a little something to give up a bit of privacy.

So what else doesn't work?  Well, here's my Pottery Barn inspired armoire I transformed last year.  It was housing another T.V. on the second floor of the old house.  Here, it didn't even make it up the stairs, and believe me, we tried- well, at least four guys helping us move tried.  It was just to big for the narrow stairs, but too small to house the T.V. in the living room.  I'm hoping to sell it on craigslist by this weekend.

Then there's my update with spray paint entry table.  There's no more room for this either and I already have a buyer that's picking it up this weekend.
I've also already sold my washer and dryer since there was a new one here.  This bookcase which sat next to the leather chair in the living room will be placed in a location-  that will be disclosed at a later time (because I really have no idea where it will fit), and I'm hoping there will be room for one of the three desk I currently have in my garage.  There's also a loveseat in my garage that I'm giving away for free.  Just got an email from someone who wants it!

Yup, the doll house is giving me some challenges, but little by little, we'll figure it out.