Piping Around those Thriftstore Chairs

Last week I showed you my "new to me" thrift store chairs.  I painted and re-upholstered them, and they came out beautiful.  BUT I wasn't done with them!  Oh no, I still had a little something in mind to make them even sweeter.  This week, I finally finished that project to complete the look of my chairs.

Do you see it?  Maybe this will help.  Here's a before picture of that same chair.

Now you see it, right?  The chairs looked great as is, but adding the piping makes such a big difference.  It gives them a finished looked, and now they are truly, officially finished! 

Adding the piping was actually really easy to do, and I'm going to show you exactly what I did.  This idea and method by the way,  is 100% not mine.  I got it from the very talented Christy from Confessions of a serial DIYer.  I featured her post a few weeks ago on my Tips and Tricks Tuesday, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to do it with these chairs.  She talks about a sew and no-sew method.  Today, I'll be doing the no-sew method...for three reasons.  1.  I don't sew.  2.  I don't own a sewing machine.  3.  I don't sew!  I do however, own a very nifty hot glue gun, and that's all you'll need to add piping to your chairs.

So lets get started, shall we?   After measuring around the seat of your chair, cut your material to that length to make a long 2-inch strip.

Next, you'll need some kind of cotton like cord or rope.  I looked around my garage and round some left over rope from our last move.  Christy used a clothesline from Walmart for her piping. 
 Place your rope in the middle of your fabric strip.  Hot glue the edges like the picture below to get started.

Fold your material over and hot glue it as closely as you can to the rope. 

Once I got to the end, I re-measured to make sure the piping was long enough.  It's that whole measure twice, cut once mentality.

When the piping cord is finished, hot glue it to the back/ bottom of your seat.  Be sure to keep the screws that attach your seat to the chair in a place you won't lose them, like a plastic snack bag labeled "screws to chairs".  I lost two of mine and still have no idea what I did with them.

Do you see (above) the piping cord on the left?  I hot glued that to the edges of my seat.  You can also use a staple gun if you don't feel like burning off your finger tips.  Choices.  It's all about (no sew) choices here.

Attach your seat back on with those screws you made sure not to lose and voila!  Look at that beautiful piping!  Come on now; tell me that does not look amazing!  Christy, you're a genius!


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