Bathroom Challenge-Cleaning Week

Are you taking the Monthly Challenge for 2016? We're picking just one room a month to clean, organize, and decorate. One room-one month at a time. This month, it's the BATHROOM(s), and each week, we're working on just one area of the room as our project. This week we're Cleaning!

There's really nothing to get excited about when it comes to cleaning, except when it's all over! That's my favorite part. My bathrooms got a deep cleaning, which they needed (confession). There's a bit of a sparkle in them now. I just love that feeling when I walk into a super clean room. You know what I'm talking about, right? Cleaning a room, transforms a room.
There are bathroom cleaning chores we should tackle daily, weekly, and monthly. I go in depth with each room in this cleaning chart I created. This week's cleaning challenge included the following:

 But as I spent some time scrubbing away the past few months of deep cleaning neglect, I realized I needed to add a few chore items to the above list. 

1. Wipe the cabinets. You might be surprised how much toothpaste ends up here.

 2. If you don't have a bathroom fan for ventilation, make sure you clean the ceilings (let's say once a month) to keep mildew away. I found using a swiffer the easiest way to clean those ceilings.
 3. Clean the neglected (a.k.a. never touched) bathroom fan.
 This one can be a little scary, but it's possible. If I can do it, I know you can do it.
 Here's a before picture. I never noticed how dirty this was until I purposely looked around my bathroom for what I could clean. Cue my life motto: Look Up!
Take step by step pictures with your phone camera so you can put everything back together.
 Be sure to unplug everything before you get started cleaning. Goal- no ER visits while cleaning.
 Vacuum the loose dust and use special high-tech cleaning tools like q-tips to get into those tight spots.
 For more inspiration, check out my past Bathroom cleaning post.
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Tips and Tricks to Bathroom Cleaning

It's not to late to join the challenge!

Join the challenge 
Take an hour to Clean that bathroom.

This next week we'll be ORGANIZING. I'll be back on Tuesday with Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Organizing.