Project of the Month

This last week, I asked my dear readers on facebook, "Do you make resolutions each year?" Most of us, of course, make some kind of resolutions or goals list; but no matter how sincere our efforts, we know that new year's resolutions don't work.

So why do our good intention-ed  resolutions fail? Most "experts" agree that people can only focus on a few items at a time, so when we write out a list of goals, we write our eventual failure.
That led me to think about my projects this year. My mind is spinning through all the projects I'd like to accomplish, right now if I could; but that would just lead to disaster I'm sure. That's why I came up with these Monthly Goals Calendar which you can print HERE.

It helps me focus on ONE project at a time. ONE. That may be hard for some of us who like to be busy, but we will see greater achievement with that ONE area of focus. So will you join me in focusing our efforts towards ONE home challenge a month? We'll take one room, one month at a time and make it what we want and bless our families in the mean time!
It's time to get started. This month's HOME Challenge is Bathrooms! Why bathrooms? Simply, I like to start easy and small. We'll work our way through the rooms of our homes and focus on these three thing:
  1. Cleaning
  2. Organizing
  3. Decorating
So here's what we're going to do this week- CLEAN! And if you're unsure where to get started in this area, I totally understand. Through my years at home, cleaning has been a learning process. It's something I have to schedule and make time for because I'm not a natural.
 Here's a cleaning schedule I made last year.

If you want to match your Green 2016 Calendar and Monthly Goals Planner, you can print the GREEN Cleaning Chart HERE.

Here's a links to my favorite, make at home, cleaning solution.
 Best Bath and Shower Cleaner EVER

Your assignment this week is simply to start with your weekly and monthly cleaning list for the bathroom, then work on the daily routine. We'll meet back here on Saturday mornings with updates and the next area we'll be working on for the room the following week..