Your 2016 Calendars and Project Planner

It's 2016! I know. I know. It's been 2016 for a few days now, but getting through the shock and craziness of a new year has taken up precious time here in Lewisville. A few days ago, Mr. Lewisville and I were planning out our family events for the next couple of months and I realized, we didn't have a 2016 calendar up yet. So I finally got my act together and created our family calendar. And I like to share!

So here you are, your very own 2016 family Calendars from Lewisville Love Prints!

Or if you like more muted tones, how about the 2016 family Calendar in green.

And since every new year begins with lots of planning and organizing, I think this monthly goals calendar will be helpful too.
 This ONE page will help you organize these areas of your home life each month:
 Print the "bluish one" HERE.

 Or you can print the green monthly goals calendar HERE.
This helps give us a little direction in our homes.

Now print out your calendars and monthly goals calendar, and let get started.