Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Bathroom Cleaning

We're back with Tips and Tricks Tuesday. This week, we'll talk about easy ways to clean the bathroom. Remember, this month's room makeover challenge is the bathroom, and this week we're starting off our project with some deep cleaning. 

How to clean a shower door- use a magic eraser!


But if you don't have shower doors like me, did you know you can wash your shower curtains and shower liner in the washing machine? I actually didn't know this until I was about 30ish. Spray your liner with stain remover, especially those yucky spots at the bottom, then wash in cold and hang them back up to dry.

I'm all about home made cleaners. They clean better than store bought, chemical filled cleaners and  cost pennies in comparison. I just finished cleaning my tile with this trick. 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and just a squirt of dish soap. Mix and clean tile grout with an old toothbrush. Works great!

After cleaning the toilet (I use baking soda), leave the brush in between the seat to drip dry. Brilliant.
 This is clever. Add a drop of cleaner to your toilet brush to keep it clean in between uses.

You all know about the best shower cleaner right! I've used this for years and won't go back to regular commercial cleaners that don't work. EVAH!

A great way to keep the tub and shower door clean after each use, is to use a dishwand filled with that awesome cleaner!
Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it around your shower head or faucet with a rubber band. Leave it overnight and hard water spots are gone without any scrubbing. LOVE it!
This week- clean those bathrooms. It's easy to get overwhelmed with cleaning, organizing and decorating all the rooms in our home. That's why this is the perfect challenge for us. We're taking one room, one month at a time. This month we're working on bathrooms, and this week we're deep cleaning them! Here's a list to follow or you can print my cleaning chart which includes daily, weekly, and monthly chores for every room in the home.


There's another clever trick I'll share on Saturday when we get together again discussing our bathrooms and the plans for our monthly project. I hope you'll join me.