Do you have a Cleaning Schedule? Me either!

A cleaning schedule? I can't stand them, but that's not to say the house doesn't get cleaned. It does and my Cleaning Chart has a helpful hand in that. In order to continue on with my theme of getting it together this year (meaning myself and my home), I wanted to get myself into a routine of cleaning my home. I have a routine for some things, but others cleaning chores get left in the the dust... :).

We've talked about getting organized as far as time, so I put together a yearly calendar along with a weekly schedule you can fill in. To visit that post and download our beautiful calendars for 2015, visit here.

Then we talked about our budgets. Not always the fun topic to discuss, but it's needed if we're going to get and stay organized this year. If you'd like to read the post and download my easy budget forms, visit this post.

So I decided a cleaning chart (not a schedule) was the next thing for Lewisville to tackle. My home is tidy most days, and lets just say "busy" other days. We really "live, eat, work, and play" here. I must preface here also that I am not, nor do I ever claim to be a cleaning expert in any way, but we all like a clean home right? A cleaning chart just seems like a good idea, but I hate assuming that you can clean the rooms I clean on the same days I clean them. Annoying.

Most cleaning schedules out there assume I have the same days and rooms and time they have. Nope, nope, nope. A cleaning schedule is personal to you, to your home, and to your family. I have a ceiling fan in some rooms. Do you?  I have two bathrooms but you may have one or three. I have a glass shelf in my kitchen that needs to be cleaned weekly in order for me to remain sane. You may not have the same problem privilege. Each of our homes are unique and so this cleaning chart will be unique to you also. Schedule your cleaning with the time that works for you, and clean the rooms as you see fit.

You can download and print an empty cleaning schedule that you can fill out on your own. You know best what needs to happen in your home and what needs to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. That's how I've arranged this cleaning chart. But if you want to peek into my world and see what I've decided for Lewisville, I'll include my personal chart also...for you to have as a template of course.

Some of you like to clean a little each day- the kitchen on one day, the bathrooms on another, and so on. I personally like to do my laundry and bathrooms on Mondays, but the rest of the house gets cleaned on Saturday or Thursday or whatever day works best with our schedule for the week. Some of you like to clean the entire house on one day. I used to do that too when the kids were younger. We each have seasons where some things works, then recognize later on that those things need to change.
This cleaning chart is designed to help you in whatever season you are in.  If you're a once in a while cleaner or an everyday cleaner, this chart can help you out.

Ok, with that said, here are a few things we do everyday in Lewisville.
- Make my bed. Kids- not so much.
- Dishes and clean the kitchen every night. This is my one thing I like to have clean every night and here's a post about my routine explaining why?
- Kids must pick up their stuff in the family room and around the house before bed. My kids are older and if we find any of their things out in the morning, we have consequences like no computer or phone for the day. Trust me. This has been the BEST thing we've done to keep the clutter down.

That's about it. Work what you can every day with the time you have, but make a routine out of it. That's how it started with making my bed. Though I wanted a clean room with the bed made, I never had the time. Then I realized I just had to do it everyday until it was second nature for me. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, so making it will at least make your room look clean. It's the first thing I do in the morning.

Cleaning Chart
Filled Cleaning Chart