2015 Calendar and Weekly Schedule- Free Printables

We are two weeks into the new year! How's it going so far? Did you set some new goals? I sure did and I'm aiming and firing boldly. Last week, I talked about setting up 12 goals for myself, and I want to encourage you to set some time aside this week and write your goals for the year. If you didn't read my New Year's post about goal setting and your theme verse for the year, go back and check it out.

   I did promise last week I'd share my goals with you all, and I will...each month. Each month, at the beginning of the month, I'll share something I'm working on for myself or the family or the home. I'll give you my ideas, plans, the whole shebang. If you use my experience or any of the tools I provide on the blog- Great! My hope is to bless you all with some free printables and good ideas. So let's get started.

For the month of January, my goal is to get personally organized. Who needs a little personal organization in their lives? My hand is raised WAY HIGH! Last year, I started keeping a family calendar out in the open. As the kids get older, life gets busier. Our schedules would collide at times and that's never a good thing. So I finally got my act together and set up our calendar.

I designed a monthly calendar that you can download and print for your household-ville, too! And I'm including a weekly schedule I created as well. No more trying to find that piece of paper with that list of things to do today???

There are two weekly schedule on each page. I don't need a whole page for the few points I'm jotting down and I always feel like I'm wasting paper with an 8x11 sheet for one week. I'm not that busy and I never feel compelled to write down every hour of my life. This works better for me. You can write your to do list on one and use the other side for meal plans or a cleaning schedule even. I included two different weekly schedules. See what works best for you. Both are Convenient!
The calendar is simple but effective. I'm finally putting together a family binder, so one is up for everyone to see and the other goes in our binder. I'll talk more about the binder later.

So to help you get started and get your year going in the right direction, you can print the calendar and weekly schedule. Hope it helps!

Weekly Schedule

2015 Monthly Calendar.  (Be sure to print in landscape not portrait)

Blessing to you all,