More Fall Touches

Hello again, Friends!  I hope you are all doing well.  We are loving our fall weather and actually had our first snowfall last week!  But it melted within hours and it's been warm and sunny since.   That's Denver weather for you.  It can be snowing one day and warm the next.  The kids and I have been out and about enjoying every bit!  In the midst of our fun, I did manage to set some fall d├ęcor on the table.  I decided to just use fall decorations I already had, meaning once again, I was able to do this for $0!  That's my kind of decorating.  It's simple, very simple, but it flows so well with the Fall Mantel.  Take a look.

These are my favorite candle sticks that I've had for 18 years.  They're heavy and old, but I just love them.  Everything else came from the Dollar Tree, my back yard (pinecones), or it was given to me.
It's simple and sweet.  The kids do their schoolwork here throughout the day, so I needed something "under" whelming.

The glass candle holders came from the Dollar Tree last year and I just filled them with fall potpourri, also from the Dollar Tree.  I was just given a nice little fall package from a friend at church.  She gave me these pumpkin spice tea lights and they smell sooo good!

She also gave me this super cool votive, and the pumpkin below.  The pine cones were given from God Almighty and collected by the Lewisville munchkins. 

I wrapped my candle sticks in twine to match the twine wrapped candles on my mantel.

I just love the way the table and mantel come together.  We just started turning the fireplace on in the mornings and nights, and it makes everything "OH SO COZY".

When my new favorite curtains are pulled open, the sunlight just floods the whole house.  We love it.

We love it, but we'll be saying goodbye to it soon.  More to come on that in my next post.  For now, we are enjoying every bit of our home and welcoming fall.