Different Strokes

Hi there everyone!  Some of you may be wondering what happened to Tips and Tricks Tuesday?  Well, I'm entering a very busy season in my everyday mom and wife life.  My blogger life, though fun and exciting, has to take a back seat for a little bit.  Don't worry.  I'll still be posting all my DIY madness that happens here in Lewisville, but it may be a little less than normal.  Tips and Tricks will be back in November.
Today, I wanted to show you a different version of those Thrift Store chairs I painted white.  I LOVE how my chairs turned out, but last week, I received an email from Laura in Tennessee!  A while ago she found the very same chair at an antique mall, and added her own little DIY love to it.  Look at her version...

I LOVE that she painted the chair yellow and added that gorgeous red fabric.  I really must venture out into more color.  And doesn't that USA flag pillow look great with it? 
Thanks for sharing, Laura!

Whenever I get a new piece of furniture to redo, repaint, and "relove", I look on pinterest for different ideas.  So let's say I have a desk to repaint, which I do, I'll do a search for painted desk.  There are so many great ideas to share with one another, and if you're not sure about a color, chances are someone else has already tried it. 

I would have never thought to paint a chair yellow, but now that I see it...and like it....and just may have to paint one yellow! 

So my goal for the next couple of projects is to venture into more color.  Let's see how I do?