Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Hello again, friends!  I hope you are all doing well.  We've been a tad busy here in Lewisville.  School started for the kids and we survived the first week!  I spent some time on my latest project, and I turned 40!  It's a bit of a mile stone in a our lives, right?  Well, I decided it wouldn't bother me, and I'm still running my miles, pulling out my tools, and now, thinking about rock climbing with my kids.  They really want me to climb with them.  I think to prove something to myself, I might just take on that level 5 wall....or just run an extra mile from now on.  Not sure which I'll choose???

* If you're new here, welcome to Lewisville!  Today is Tips and Tricks Tuesday! It's a good day to visit here.  I like finding simple solutions to everyday living and sharing some of my favorite tips with you all!  You can find most of these tips on my  Pinterest Tips and Tricks board, where I'd also love to have you follow along.  There's always facebook and twitter too.  If you want to pin these tips on your own board, just click {source} below each picture.  It will take you to the original source of the tip, and it's always best to pin from the original source.

 Tip 1.  Plant holders can be used for bathroom storage.  You can spray paint them any color, mount them on the walls, and use them to keep the clutter at bay.  I just LOVE out of the box ideas like this.

Tip 2.  Here's some  more bathroom storage that we might not have thought about.  Use kitchen utensil organizers for toothbrushes and such.  I don't like toothbrushes to be stored on the sink (gross) so if you have a drawer, here's a great way to keep them from touching each other too.


Tip 3.  Oh, those dry erase boards.  They're so helpful.  If you have one, you probably use a paper towel like me as an eraser.  Instead, you can hot glue mini pom poms to the ends to use as erasers.  Cute and practical.

Tip 4.  Here's to all the moms that make lunches every night or morning for their kiddos.  You can freeze wet sponges in a plastic baggie and use it as a lunchbox icepack.  As it melts, it won't spill all over the place and get everything wet.  No soggy sandwiches!

 Tip 5.  And here's my own tip from my latest project.  I can't stand wires hanging from my TV, so I used double sided tape to attach wires and game sensors to the back of the TV.  It worked like a charm!

I hope you find these tips to be helpful and inspiring.  I'm always on the lookout for those out of the box ideas.  Have a great day, everyone!