A Mini Makeover

Ok, I'm going to be honest...again. I blog about my home and DIY projects, BUT my home is not perfectly clean, organized, or even decorated as much as I'd like it to be.  There is one area of my home that I've neglected for far too long, and I just couldn't stand it any longer.  You know how you can look at something day in and day out, and the ugliness and chaos doesn't bother you?  Then one day, your eyes are unveiled and you see it for what it is- BLAH!  That's pretty much what happened with this area.

 It's the "media" area of my home.  About a decade ago, before flat screens were popular, all the new homes were built with these media centers.  They're made for the big box TV's that every one is giving away for free on craigslist now. 

 We have our flat screen above the center (by the way, it's a smart TV that Mr. Lewisville won at work!) with  a bunch of wires hanging here and there.  Annoying now that I look at it.

 We have speakers everywhere in the living room and there's no point in saying they don't go with my decor.  It's a "he says"; "she says" kind of thing, and "he says" speakers are necessary.  A Wii console, fake plants, a a big basket for blankets when we want to get cozy- I know; we live large!

On the other side, well, what can I say?  It's just a mess....a mess with wires.  So I decided to get my act together and do a simple make over.  A simple make over means CLEAN it all up.  And that's just what I did. I took an afternoon and got to work.

 I don't care for fake plants, but trust me when I say they are the only chance I have at having any kind of plants in my living room.   Plants don't like me, and I think they have a conspiracy to automatically die when they enter my home.  True. One of the fakeys got a cleaning and hides the Wii while the blankets were FOLDED.  What a concept!  And one I hope my kiddos will "remember".
 On the other side, I put my baskets to use.

My sea grass, Target special basket holds our library books.  We LOVE our library!

The other basket hold the Wii games and controls.  Wow,  being a little organized feels so good, even with something so little as kids' games and movies.  LOVE it.  Oh, and there's my other fake plant sitting pretty on the chess board. 

 Just underneath there, the game boxes were organized.  I made that LOVE sign last year for just $1.  I decided to bring it to the living room to add more greenery and hide a few of those wires.  I know it  doesn't really work to hide wires, but I try.
The paint peeling off there was also a problem and compliments of my dog, Cody.  Puppy stage means chew on everything- chairs that are painted white, molding that's painted white, basically anything that stands out in white will be chewed!

So I sanded the molding, spackled on some wood filler, sanded again, then painted it to match.  It turned out just perfect I think!

As for those wires hanging from the t.v., I tucked most of those behind the screen.  I came up with the brilliant idea of adding double sided tape to the Wii sensor that hung down the furthest .  With the tape on, I attached it to the bottom of the screen and Voila! 

No more hanging wires or game sensors!  That double sided tape is a Brilliant invention, I tell you!

 The whole area is just so much cleaner, organized, and now just plain nice!

 Oh, did you notice my new Pottery Barn Crown Molding Shelves

 I LOVE floating shelves, but no, I didn't get them from P.B.  I think you all know me better than that by now.
 I bought them at a yard sale for just $5!  And they included the Pottery Barn Crown Molding Ledge that I haven't found a purpose for yet.  I just LOVE the deals!

And I LOVE the new, fresh look.  Before and after projects are great, but I've learned one of the greatest impacts we can have in our own homes is a good old fashion cleaning! 

Before the Cleaning...

And After the Cleaning....
Ahhhh.  By the way, if you look hard enough at the tv, you'll see me taking pictures...oops!  I always forget about those reflections.

So I hope this inspires you to tackle that one area in your home that just needs a cleaning.  It's the mini makeover we can all afford!


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