My $1 art project

Oh boy, what can I say.  I've been working on a few different projects this week, and I seriously think I have a problem.  If you've read my blog for the last week at all you know I've been working on my dining room table and chairs.  In the middle of painting my chairs and getting those done, I decided to also start organizing my kitchen and pantry.  So you may be expecting this post to talk a little about those projects.  But no, that's not what I'm going to do at all.  In the middle of working on these projects, I decided to finish yet another project I started a little while ago.  Do you see my dilemma? Yes, I do believe I have a case of  A.D.D. when it come to D.I.Y.
That's a bit of a problem don't you think?

The dining room table is getting done, and the pantry.... well, it's not even close.  I like getting things accomplished though.  There's something about seeing the final product of a project and gaining great satisfaction over it's completion. I needed a little of that this week.  I'm working on our taxes and my brain is full of numbers.  As much as I love working on  taxes and receiving a little love from the IRS (is that an oxymoron?) I needed to take a little break and do something like crafting, organizing, or painting!  Notice I didn't say cleaning.  In my distraction from my distraction, I decided to finish this sign I started...wait for it...a few weeks ago.  Whatcha think?

  My total cost was $1.  Yup, that's it.  I was at the Dollar Tree looking for bins and baskets to organize.  I didn't see anything in a color I liked but ended up still spending money on toys that break as soon as you get in the car and this pretty "Love makes a house a home" transfer.  Kids not happy; Mom very happy!  Well at least I got my moneys worth on the transfer.  I still had a piece of MDF left  over.  Remember I made an Easter sign with left over MDF.  If not, you can read about that here.  So I decided to make a "LOVE" sign for Lewisville.  Seeing that my blog is called Lewisville LOVE and all, I thought it was appropriate.  I took it as a sign....waiting.... waiting. Oh, there's the laugh!
As usual, I spray painted my MDF board using colors I had from other projects. I usually start by spraying the darker color first, but since I was using black, I painted the green first.  Black is difficult to cover.
 I wanted to add some kind of border, so I taped off to add the black border.  I only had regular masking tape on hand.  I know blue painter's tape would be better, and Frog tape is the best, but I always try to work with what I've got.  It's a motto of mine.  Work with what you've got!
Yes, I actually used the back of the wall art transfer thingy that I bought at the Dollar Tree to cover most of the board.  See what I mean when I say, "work with what you got"?
I spray painted the black and should have taken off the tape while the paint was still a little wet.  I didn't of course.  I think the children were hungry and needed nourishment or something.  I can't remember. Thus, I tended to my mom duties and tucked the art piece in the garage...for a few weeks.
My plan was to add two borders of black, but that didn't happen either. After two weeks, and the whole needing a break from taxes, I decided to finish what I started.
Peeling off the tape, I was reminded why paint projects using tape should always start and finish within a few hours. Look what happens if you don't.  Me no likey!
The paint peels off with the tape.  (insert disappointed face here)
I have some black paint in my garage that I can use to fix the edges with a small artist brush.  Maybe later.  For now I sanded it down and tell myself I like the distressed look.  I adhere the wall art transfer to the board.  Just eyeballed it.  By the way, if you want these transfers to stick and never, ever come off, use Mod Podge glue.  It dries clear and the transfer will never peel. I'm not committed to these colors yet, so I held off on the Mod Podge for now.

I set up my sign in my laundry room then my game shelf in the living room.  Not sure where it will end up, but for now the new art is a welcome addition to Lewisville.
Laundry Room?


Game shelf?

For now it does sit in my living room on the game shelf, but I have plans for that space so it will be moving.
A quick piece of artwork for just a buck was well worth it. I'm liking the results and the vacation it gave me from...Taxes (da da dum).

One more...
Yup, it's official.  I like it. And yes, I still think I have an "attention deficit" dilemma when it comes to my DIY stuff.  Onto the dining room chairs and organizing I go!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Sunday is Easter and our Lord and Savior is Risen!  


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