Organizing Inspiration

Oh, what can I say.  When it comes to organizing, I need a lot of help. A.L.O.T.  Organizing is one of those things that I was really good at in my pre-baby days. In college, I HAD to be organized.  Between papers, classes, and labs (not to mention working and trying to have a social life still) things could get hectic so I stayed on top of things by keeping my study space clean and organized.  There was a place for everything and everything had a place! That's how it's supposed to be right?  I guess it's easy to keep one person organized. What a different story it is to keep a family organized.

This week though, I've been inspired....again.  My journey in writing Lewisville Love started when I looked up ways to organize my menu and keep grocery cost down.  You can read about my tips on that here.  That quest, about a year ago now,  led me to a link on how to organize my junk drawer.  Ahhh, that was something I needed.  Then another link led me to organizing the pantry; then another link, then another link, then another...well, you get it.  Before i knew it, I found the blog world of organizing and DIY.  I fell in love.  Do people really organize like this?  I couldn't believe it.  Only a mom could think an organized pantry is a beautiful thing. Here's where it all started.

via Delightful Order
If I have an organized pantry like this, will I like cooking more? Nah, not likely.

This was the first organized space I found in the blog world about 1 year ago and I'll never forget it.  I couldn't believe a space designated for food could be this organized...and beautiful.   There's tons of great pantry ideas on pinterest.  Check out my Organizing board to find some inspiration for yourself.

This week, "Spring into Organization" was all over the blog world.  People linked up their favorite organized spaces and a few homes did features on their favorite rooms.  I like to see how other people decorate and organize.  It helps me to come up with ideas for Lewisville.

I took that inspiration and began organizing my kitchen, linen closet, kids closet, etc.  Whew, there's so much.  It can be overwhelming, so I decided to work on one room at a time.  I'm tackling the kitchen for now.  It's not all done of course.  There are baskets and containers to purchase, and I have a specific plan in mind so those things are going  to take some time.

But for now, I'll show you how I've gotten started.

Then there's organizing the drawers.  I don't like a whole lot of things on the counters so I keep my cooking utensils in the drawer next to the stove.

 Again, I bought dividers from the Dollar Tree to help keep things in order.

Then there's the spice rack which I'm still not happy with, but for now, I can find everything easily.

For the pantry, I love the idea of having clear containers like this:

The labels make it I think!

Both Walmart and Target sell them, but I'm looking for a lid that will seal tightly and not plop off when the kids go to grab the jar for me.  My search continues.

Dollar Tree has some great plastic bins and collapsible fabric storage baskets to keep things organized.

I like these fabric bins but you have to snatch then when you find them because they go fast!

I also love baskets to organize, but I'll look for ways to make my own like I did here.

Wire baskets are also a must I think. 
These are gym baskets.  Excellent Idea!

And I don't buy a lot of canned food items, but I really like this idea.

Closet shelving- I think yes!

So there you have it.  Lot's of ideas to get started on. The kids and I will be on Spring break next week and I foresee a very busy organizing week.  I can't wait to get it all done and show you. The ideas are BLOOMING!

Blessing to you,