Laundry Room Make over

Have you ever changed something in your home, like curtains or paint on a wall or adding a new table and chairs, only to walk into that room time after time, admiring that change?  What a difference?  Love the changes!  That's normal, right?  Well, that's pretty much how I feel about my laundry room right now.  Every time I walk through it, my heart goes pitter pat over the changes. Laundry doesn't (ever) make my heart skip a beat or bring some weird cleaning joy and smile to my face, but this laundry ROOM make over, my friends, does brighten my countenance.

To truly appreciate my enthusiasm, take a look at what my laundry room used to look like.  I warn you, it's painful.

We were living in laundry chaos.  Everything was stacked, or rather shoved onto the only shelf in the room.  I decided to go to work.  The first step towards getting this laundry room organized was adding a shelf.  You can read about that process HERE.

 I also decided to paint the existing shelf white to set it apart from the wall color.  Big difference! 


My laundry room is a walk through room between the garage and kitchen.  When we get home, we go through the laundry room and drop off our stuff.  It was necessary  to add some real storage bins.  I looked for a while but could never find anything that worked for the room or my wallet. So I decided to make my own storage bins out of burlap and boxes.  You can read about that HERE.

 The kids each have their own box.  They drop off their swim gear in the summer and snow gear in the winter.  I even made one for our new dog where the leash and his treats are kept.  I really, really like our little system here. Really-Really!

My next  addition was making a laundry room sign out of pallet wood.  I'm not a fan of pallet DIY projects and I tell you why HERE,  but I love the way my sign turned out.  Plus, it was free- bonus!

You can read about how I made this sign HERE. 
I make my own laundry detergent, but I didn't want to throw it in just any storage container.  I found a penny jar to be my perfect detergent dispenser.

On the top shelf, my detergent ingredients fit in these other "milk" baskets I made with rope.  These are one of my favorite projects.  You can read about how to make your own HERE.

Before I decided to make over the laundry room, I  made this plastic bag dispenser out of an oatmeal canister.  It hangs in the laundry room so anyone needing to take out trash or just needing a bag, can grab and go.  Here's a quick recap.
And since I usually walk in with mail in my hand, my $1,  garage sale letter organizer helps me stay organized.

Little by little, this room came together.  Because I upcycled most of the room elements, my total cost was less than $30.  I love walking through this room now.  LOVE!
By the way, if you're wondering why in the world I put a globe in the laundry room, it's simply because I home school and it's the easiest place for us to store it while we use it daily.  Sure it's summer, but I think I'm going to keep it there for now.

Big improvement I'd say.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you found some inspiration for your own space.


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