Re-purposed Canisters for the Pantry

Hello! Hello!  I'm excited to share today's post with you.  I've been wanting to get my hands dirty with paint lately and there are a few projects I'm working on that are "in progress".  Hopefully, you'll be seeing those soon!  This week though, I was busy out side with a little spray paint. I LOVE spray paint. I think spray paint is the fastest, cheapest, and best way to make something beautiful.  After you see today's project, I think you'll agree with me.

So if you're new here, I've been working on getting my home in order and organized.  Most of you know that I have my own little Organizing Challenge going on here in Lewisville.  I'm organizing spaces (even the hidden, messy ones) and doing it for as little money as possible. You can read about my organizing projects HERE and HERE. 

The pantry is an area I would love to "makeover".  It's not about design and decor with the pantry though.  It's about functionality and order, and I love seeing beautifully organized pantries. Is my pantry beautiful and organized?....not so much.  But it's getting there. Look at the canisters I'm using to organize this space.

Do you like them?  I paid $0 for these!  Zip, Zilch, Zero!  Now you LOVE them huh?  Want to know where they came from?  Of course you do, because like me, you like saving money while making your home a little brighter, right?  Ok, so here it is.  I made them.  Yup. These were actually many of these at one time.

 Yes, we are a little coo coo for almonds here in Lewisville.  We go through quite a few of these bad boys a month.  Even my dog loves almonds. Strange, I know, but true.  I used to throw these plastic containers away in the recycle bin when finally one day it hit me...I should keep these and use them for something.  It was a little bit of an "aha" moment for me.

Once the almonds are all gone, I clean out the canisters and take off the labels.  Those sticky labels aren't the easiest to get off, but after a few failed trys I finally found a method that works great.  I use my blow dryer to warm up the glue underneath, and the labels peel off pretty easily
 These containers hold 2 1/2 pounds of food, so you can see how they're perfect for storing bagged food items.  Now for the best part.  How do they go from looking like the above photo to the photo below?

 Spray paint of course.  I love the stainless steel look and there are plenty of beautiful canisters with silver tops available for purchase at Target and Walmart.  I need several canisters though and at $7-10 a piece, my money saving brain kept telling me no.  By spraypainting just the tops, I saved mucho bucks and they turned out great!  You know how much I love making my projects look just as good as anything out there I can purchase.
Here's how to get that look:

STEP 1. Primer first! Don't skip this step even though I forgot to take a picture of it. I used a regular spray primer in white from Rust-Oleum, and I only sprayed the outsides of the lid-NOT the inside.

STEP 2.  I used the basic metallic finish in silver also from Rust-Oleum.  Again, spray just on the outside of the lid-NOT the inside.

STEP 3.  This was the hardest part but you really need to wait 24 hours before you use them.  Let the paint dry completely before use.

 That's it!  Aren't they pretty.  I made the labels myself too using picmonkey and printing them on card stock paper.  If you like the labels, I'll be making them available to all my fabulous readers when I reveal the finished pantry, so you'll just have to come back again.  Muahaha.... now you know my evil plan to get you back here. 

See the difference in the pop corn canister? Different kind of almonds!
 So remember that our everyday items from the store can be transformed and re-purposed to suit so many of our needs at home.  I'm always saving jars and cans for projects just like this. 

 The pantry is on it's way.  STAY TUNED!

As always, I hope you found some inspiration here today.  May you, your family, and your homes be blessed.


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