Tips and Tricks Tuesday #6- Clean your Shower and your microwave for LESS!

Well, hello everyone!  Did you all enjoy the long weekend?  It was a quiet Memorial Day for us.  Mr. Lewisville had to work and the kids and I hung out for most of the day playing board games and discovering what's growing in our back yard.  Now, we're back to our normal schedule, but this is our last week of school and I the kids can not wait for Summer to officially begin!  EEEK!

It's Tuesday and that means I have another Tips and Tricks post.  I'm continuing on with my natural/ green cleaning recipes.  I talked about why I use my own home made version of laundry detergent last week.  You can read all about my hormones and laundry and get the recipe HERE.  I've been using my own natural and home made recipes for cleaning for the last couple of years.  Mary Hunt from Debt Proof Living showed me the light with all these cleaners.  I was looking for ways to cut cost on groceries and when I read that you can make better cleaners and non toxic cleaners for less than store bought brands, I said, "Yes, Please!"

So today, I'll be giving you my recipe for the BEST shower cleaner you'll ever use!  Simple, easy, and wow does it work wonderfully.  As a bonus, you'll get your microwave clean too!  I know most "Green" people don't have microwaves.  I do though; I'm not that "Green" I know.

Here's the cast of characters needed to play:
1 Cup of warm vinegar
1 Cup of Original Blue Dawn dish soap

Measure 1 cup of vinegar and warm it up for 2 minutes in the microwave.  I use vinegar for a lot of natural cleaning around Lewisville, so this big container from Costco for about $3 comes in handy.

Here's where cleaning the microwave happens.  As the vinegar heats up, it softens all that crusty food in your microwave. 

You don't have to "scrub" it away.  Just wipe it off with a clean paper towel.

Nice and clean!

And now back to our program- Pour your warm vinegar into a spray bottle

Measure and add 1 cup of Dawn

 Mix well

Add your own home made label.  Scissors, paper, pen- you know the drill!

Do you want to see how it works?  YUUUP!

I spray the cleaner all over the bathtub/ shower and let it sit for 15 minutes.

I use the scrub side of a sponge and work lightly through the tub surface.  Rinse and admire the shine!  That's it-REALLY!
(NOTE: I've had everyone and their mama make a comment about how this is not the same bathtub. Well, my dear detective, you are indeed correct. Like many households, I have the privilege of cleaning two bathtubs. The picture below was cleaned by the same solution, but the lighting was better. Plain and simple, the stuff works.)

So clean, you can see the reflection of me taking a picture.

I use this cleaner and only this cleaner, for my bathtub and shower walls.  It removes soap scum and all those little "what in the world is that" sitting in your showers.  The best part is that it cost so much less than store bought cleaners (less than 50cents) and it's non toxic.  Other cleaners have a half life of years and years.  HALF LIFE?  It means residual chemicals stay on the surface for so many years.  Those chemicals enter your skin through pores and then a whole mess of health issues arise.  No Bueno!

1 cup of each and mix; sure, I can do that!  Hope you like the results as much as I do.  See you later this week.  I have a paint project I'm excited to show you!!! hehehehe. smiley face.

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