Valentines Banners for you

 Lewisville Love started a few years ago when I decided to start sharing my journey of all things DIY. Coming up with a name for a blog is actually a difficult task. Will it stick? Will people like it? Will I want to change it after a year?

For me, I wanted a name that would reflect my love for my family, my decision to stay home, and most of all my love for Christ. How do you put all that in a name?
Well, you can't, but I tried. Lewisville is my home. It's our family name and the name of our city ironically.

We move around often, but wherever we land, that's Lewisville. Wherever my family is, that's Lewisville. Wherever we're making a mess, painting a wall, eating as a family, that's Lewisville. Lewisville will always be the place my kids will find hugs and kisses, an encouraging word, and the greatest tickle fight of all time followed by a loaded nurf gun battle. It's the place my husband and I pray, hope, and dream together. That's Lewisville.

I launched Lewisville Love on Valentines Day, so to continue with the tradition of all things LOVE, here are a few more Valentine ideas you can take for your (enter name here) -ville Love.

The Banners! I designed these banners last year.

The banner words are Patient, Kind, Rejoices in Truth, Bears all things, Hopes all things, Believes all things, Endures all things, Love, and Never Fails.

The words are taken from I Corinthians. 13, also known as the Love chapter.

 I just printed, cut with special scissors, and taped them onto string.

Here's the banner for you to print.

This year, I'll be putting up these cuties.

They're a little different, but the words are the same.
You can print this banner too.
For another quick and easy Valentine family idea, you can make a heart shaped cake. You'll need a round and square cake pan and your favorite recipe.

Want more Valentine ideas? Go HERE. There are quick and easy decorating ideas, candy/card giving ideas for school kids, and other mushy, lovey, gooey goodness.