A Mini (budget) Makeover for your Small Space

I've finally been inspired to start decorating and organizing my living room.  Since moving 6 months ago to a much smaller home in a fabulous community, I've struggled with feeling "at home" in my new space.  We went from an 1800 sq. ft. house to a 1300 sq. ft. house, and had to get rid of furniture just so we could fit in the new space.  We also didn't know how long we'd be staying, but it just so happens the owners decided not to sell, the lease was renewed and all is well in Lewisville once again.   By the way, we moved to be closer to our church and it was the best and hardest decision we made this last year.  A year from now, we're hoping to be shopping  for a forever home, so prayers are appreciated.

Now that I'm staying, I want to make this little rental, mine for the moment.  It all starts with our living space.  We're in the living room most often, most days doing home school work, reading, writing, blogging, and eating.  Our dining room/living room is a small room that can only house a few pieces.  Here's what it looked like before.

Here's what it looked like last week. 

After months of having an open and uncovered sliding glass doors, I finally got my act together and bought some curtains. A little privacy please. That was step 1 and it was a big step in the right direction.  I wanted to go with some color but not to much that would overwhelm this small space.

I was looking for something in the blue/green range with a subtle design.  I found these Moroccan print curtains for just $20.  LOVE.

My white table is actually behind my sofa, but I decided to use a piano bench instead of two chairs on the sofa side. I'll show you that  when the art work goes up on the right side. Two chairs would make the space even smaller, and the bench saves us much valuable room. 

Step 2 of my mini makeover was to deal with the sofa.  I love my Pottery Barn-found on Craigslist for a really great price- sofa, but it's really plain.  So I spruced it up with ...pillows.

Pillows make a big difference and the light and bright colors cheer up the room.

I bought the two larger pillows as a pack for just $20  and the smaller one was just $12 at TJ Maxx.  Now I want to go back and buy a few more.  Mixing patterns and colors is a GOOD thing.  Just stay within range of colors.  I'm thinking the next pillows will have to be a solid like-color.

The globes on top of my thrift store book case also pull in and tie the room together with colors.  The living/dining space is Much better and the room is "almost there." 

I'll show you the other side of the living room and what I've done with this huge giant window next week.

For now, I'm enjoying this side. Not bad for a $60 mini make-over.