Tips and Tricks Tuesday- Back to School

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?  Summer is coming to an end (boo!) and I'm getting ready for Back to School.  We home school here in Lewisville, so on top of the school supplies and clothes, I've been shopping around and trading for curriculum.  In fact, the last few days have been school prep days for me and blogging has been a "little" out of mind.  I woke up this morning and realized I missed my normal Tips and Tricks Tuesday post, even though I was thinking about it all day yesterday.  Have you ever done that?  Think about something all day and still forget to do it?  Maybe it's age or maybe it's just me.  Either way, I've had this post in my mind for all of us with munchkins, little and big.

 This Tips and Tricks is all about Back to School!  Some of you are shouting for joy about this time of year, and some of you are holding back the tears as you send your little ones off for the first time. Even though my kids school at home, I understand both feelings.  Hopefully, as you read through this post, you'll be motivated to get organized and prepared for the upcoming school year.  Here's to a fabulous first day!

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Tip 1.  Make a list!  Did you know a common trait among successful people is that they make list.  So to help insure a successful school year for both kids and mom, make a list now (and calendars!) of all that will be taking place.  I found a great site to help us do that.  This girl has thought about everything, but we all have a unique situation so add and subtract to the list as needed.


Tip 2.  I LOVE taking pictures of my kids on the first day of school.  Here's a great site to get a FREE download printable to make those first day pictures even better.  Love when people share!

 Tip 3. Make a family tradition out of the first day of school.  Make a special breakfast that the kids will have every first day of school, or what we like to do is visit a frozen yogurt shop when school is done.  I have a sweet friend in California who takes her kids to In and Out for lunch (only the best hamburgers in the world!).  Whatever it is, make it special, just for your family, and it always takes place on the first day of school. 

 Tip 4.  Remember when we were kids and we had to cover our books with brown paper bags?  I'd mark it up with pictures of flowers and rainbows just to try to make it nicer.  It didn't work.  Well, why not cover those books with fabric scraps.  It's a great way to get cover and organize all those books.
 Tip 5.  Make your own pencil box.  Look what you can make with a simple plastic container.  This one is made from a Crystal Light  container.  Simple and sweet.
Since I home school, I made something similar out of jars and cans for our work areas.  You can read about this simple project HERE.

And do you need School organization inspiration?  Yes, yes, we all do.  So- need-inspiration!

Tip 6.  Make a school center where the kids hang their packs and all the information for the month is on a board for little and big eyes to see. 
Tip 7.  If you really want to go all out, make a home works station!  I LOVE this idea.
I hope you found some inspiration here today.  The first day back to school doesn't have to be a stressful one.  Make it a great time for the kids and you.