Organizing under the bathroom sink

Sorry for the late post, everyone. I had some technical problems today, but it's finally resolved.  Got to love technology!  Let's get on with why we're all here today.  It's Saturday and the start of my Straighten it up Saturday series.  For the next couple of weeks, I'll be opening up the dark recesses of my home to show you my spaces that need the most organizing help.  I won't hold back and show you all the messy and unorganized truth.  My goal is to get myself and Lewisville more organized, while inspiring you to do the same.  Sound like a plan?  For our first week, I thought we'd start with something easy.  Let's organize an area in less than half an hour.  Here is my kids' under the bathroom sink area- the nice and organized version!

 I love the organized and colorful version in the picture above, but here's the ugly, unorganized version just 20 minutes before that picture was taken. 

 Organizing this space really did only take me 20 minutes, but we've only lived here for a year so the kids haven't had an opportunity to make too much of a mess. 

You can see I've attempted to get organized before with this one blue bucket and two tier shelf unit.  Really, Lisa, one bucket?  Not sure what I was thinking??? Beyond that, not much happened and this space needed some attention.

I started by de-cluttering and taking everything out from under the sink.  I gave it a good wipe down and threw away or got rid all those items that didn't belong under there. 

I bought a few more things from the Dollar Tree to help get this space not only organized, but looking good too.  My kids' bathroom is getting a little makeover so I'm going ahead and incorporating more blue with the Venice Beach theme bathroom.

 I placed like items together so there's no confusion where to put things away- ahem-where kids need to put things away.

All the extra toothpaste and brushes went in one of these baskets while the deodorants went in another.

 My oldest daughter gets a bucket to herself with her face wash and razors.

The "girls' stuff" is hidden away in a bucket of its own and placed at the back of the cabinet. 

 I don't like the kids' toothbrushes sitting or stored on the sink (gross) so we keep them under with the rest of their everyday items.  These are the top tier items from this great "office" organizer I found at Target last year.  It was, of course, on clearance for about $9.  Office items make great organizers for everyday household areas.

The bottom organizer holds more bathroom items that just aren't used everyday.
 And here it is all organized and neat for the kids to mess up again in about a month. 

So much better, don't you think?

 So there you go.  20 minutes and just a few bucks to get this little space organized. 

I like starting off with an easy space to organize.  It helps me get geared up for the next area and the next area.  So do you have an under the sink area that needs some attention.  Find some colorful organizers (Dollar Tree is a good place) and go for it.

Hope you're inspired.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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