Bathroom update

Hello. Hello!  So do you like the new look to the blog?  I've been working on my blog design, and I finally figured out a few things.  I'm still playing with colors and  still have a few things to fix, but blog design is really fun!  Who knew?
Ok, so I know it's been a while since I talked about decorating or painting.  This blog is really about Do It Yourself projects and home life, but there hasn't been much DIY going on here at Lewisville.  Is it just me or does this heat squelch all your desire to do, movement, chores, cleaning, etc?  Take your pick at what describes you best.  They all pretty much describe me.  This heat is wrecking all my plans to get things painted and done this summer.  You can't paint when it's so hot either.  The paint will bubble up or crackle lines will appear.  Paint is snobby that way. 

I have been making a bit of progress, small though it may be, in the kid's bathroom.  I first talked about my desire to transform our plain jane bathroom into a beach themed decor knockout HERE.  Am I close to getting it done? Nope. But it will get done.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I started with this.  The tradition white color on the walls and a very old shower curtain.  This bathroom is shared by two tween girls and one rambunctious boy.  Coming from California, a beach themed room seemed perfect.
The first thing to change was that paint color.  I used up my free quart of "Venice Beach" from Ace hardware.  Then, I shopped and shopped for a beach shower curtain.  I didn't care for anything I found that was beach themed, and by the way, when did shower curtain prices skyrocket to the ridiculous prices they are right now?  Nonsense, I tell you.
I did manage to find this gem though at TJ Max for only $15!   I love the stripes!  It's not at all what I was thinking for the room, but I think it works?  I hung it up so I can see if we all can live with it.  So  far yes.  It's a great, heavy material and I think I can still make it beach looking.  That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Then I walked into a Hobby Lobby for the first time in my life the week my mom was down visiting.  Where have you been all my life Hobby Lobby?  We don't have HL's in California and this was certainly a dreamy experience.  For those of you who are deprived of shopping here, they are like a Michaels, JoAnn's, and Home Goods all mixed together.  I've never been in a Home Goods either, but that's what I hear.

Anyways, I found this in their discount aisle.  It was only $9 and it was exactly what I wanted for the kiddos to hang their towels-minus the kiddy paint colors.  I decided to take it home and paint it, but the kids were torn about getting rid of the fun surf board colors.  We protected them...for now.

I did a little sanding and used spray paint.

Now to hang it up-the easy way.  Use a piece of masking or painter tape across the area to be hung.

Mark where the nail will go with a marker.

Then take the tape off and stick it where you you want to hang your picture/ frame. Hammer in the nails where you made the mark on the tape.  I eyeball it when it comes to leveling , but that's the beauty of using tape first.  You can take it off and re-stick it as many times as you need to.

Hang it up and pull your tape off the walls.  Thank you to my lovely assistant- daughter number 1.

After, I stood back and realized the surf boards and shower curtain did not work well together. We just may have to paint those boards after all.

But wait;  there's more!  I found a great basket at TJ Max for just $5.  It's to big for this space though, so it may not make it to the final reveal.

And look at this surf board clock I bought at my favorite thrift store for $3.  It works too!  This is what you would call a long board and very old school.  Dude. See, I speak surfanese!

I also have these craft projects my girls did last summer at camp.  They look beachy, don't they?  And they each went to surf camp the year before and were given these surf trophies.  Perfect!

Slowly, it's coming together.

But there's more to do.  I still want to add shelves above the toilet, and I have a few paint projects I want to do to complete the room.  If this weather would only cooperate with what I need to do.

I never thought decorating a bathroom would take me so long, but I've found patience to be greater help to me than my anxiousness.   What do you think so far?  

Have a great week everyone.