Clean Linen Closet

This is a rare Monday post. I was in bed last week with a lovely cold, compliments of the kiddos. So this is the post that should have been published on Saturday, declaring to the world that I indeed finished the first week of February's Monthly Challenge- Closets!

We (as in the readers of this blog) have chosen a closet or two to clean, organize, and decorate this month. How do you decorate a closet? Look HERE.
The first week of February is dedicated to just cleaning out closets!
Here's the much needed clean out of my Linen Closet...

A tiny closet for my tiny house, which is all the more reason I need to be organized.
 I followed the steps outlined last week about cleaning out a closet. Empty it out first. I found doubles of cleaning supplies and items that went missing...long ago.
Make a pile for donations,
and make a pile for those items that are trash.
This is just the cleaning portion of our monthly project, but I did some organizing by "shopping" my own house. I need bins and baskets for this linen closet, but because my red nose, sore throat, and constant sneezing might have scared the everyday healthy humans out there, I decided to shop at home and find "something" I wasn't using anymore.

This glass candy jar from Walmart is perfect for holding soaps in the closet. I love the look of having the soaps out of the package and visible to the eyes. It's a nice touch, having glass in the linen closet, plus I know when I'm running low on soap. The family really liked this change also!

I also needed another basket to store some overnight bags and toiletries we don't always use. 
I made the rope basket using old milk boxes from Costco years ago. If you want to see this up-cycle project, go HERE.
 My final bit of cleaning up this closet involves using command hooks. These hooks help organize just about every room and closet in your home! I always have a few spare hooks around.
I did end up splurging for these white washcloths from Costco. Hard to categorize this as cleaning or organizing, but they were needed for the family.
Now, this is a clean linen closet. I still need bigger baskets for the sheets on the top shelf, and I'd like to get a tall basket for the paper goods on the bottom. That will be my project task this month.

But for now, I love the feeling of a clean linen closet. Total time: 2 hours. (going slow remember)

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