Password Tracker

Today, it's common to give your email, set up a username, and create a password with each site you land on in the wonderful world known as the web. Everyone tells you to use the same password, but some sites want caps, others- no caps, and yet others must have at least one number, a special symbol and the promise of your first born child.
I use a variation of the same password and usually write down that password...somewhere???

But before long, that paper is lost in the abyss of Lewisville, aka, my home. I don't like having my inbox full of useless emails, so I'm careful when it comes to signing my life away. Everyone, and I mean every website wants to have your email and set you up with a personal login. Good idea for business, bad idea for busy people- who can't remember every variation of their password.

So I created this handy dandy password tracker and you can print yours below.

 I don't put my bank info in here of course, just those passwords for non-consequential but interesting sites.

Print as many as you'd like and tuck away in your desk drawer. I've been using this tracker for 2 months now and it's so helpful.

Print as many password trackers as needed HERE! Get your passwords organized and stay organized.