One Trick to New Stairs

It's a project day here in Lewisville. I'm taking a break from the cleaning and organizing challenge to work on an area of my home that has bothered me for more than two (maybe three) years.
My stairs...
When we first moved into the house, I told myself, I can fix those stairs! Just sand, stain, poly.
But here we are, two/three years later and they still look the same. I just couldn't get motivated to sand the entire length of my stairs, plus the stairway to the basement which is joined to the main staircase.
 There's lots of wood that just wasn't taken care of, then there's my neglect and my, Someday, I'll get to it promise. SOMEDAY came! But only because I realized there might be an easy solution to my little staircase quandry.

The other side was just as bad.

So I remembered from my last project, A Little Craigslist Gem, the amazing success and restoration that occurred when I applied shellac to these wood drawers.
BIG DIFFERENCE with the drawer fronts. That was just sanding and shellac!
These stairs were already stripped so the shellac, which is my new favorite product, should be able to bring out the natural wood brilliance. And it did!

Clean the wood. Use a natural cleaner like vinegar and water or a mild cleanser to wipe away debris and dust.
Tape off and protect the carpet or wood flooring.
Use a small natural bristle brush and work the shellac into the grooves and grain of the wood.
 That's it! It didn't take me long to finish this one section of the stairs. Only three more to go!
 It looks so much better and I'm really happy with these quick results.

It's not perfect and I would have chosen a darker stain over all, but my staircase is radically improved. Because there is so much wood, I have to work in sections and for now, I can live with this original stain color.

  I will have to sand in other areas, but only because there was paint splatter from previous tenants. The shellac brush over is well worth it!

Is there an area in your home that you've been meaning to tackle? That's what Lewisville Love is all about. We tackle the little things and the big things, just a little bit at a time. If you haven't joined me for the monthly challenge, now's the time to get on board!