Monthly Challenge #1-Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

We are in the middle of our first monthly Challenge here in Lewisville. Each month, we're tackling a room in our home and each week we're implementing a cleaning, organizing, and decorating task for that room. The project for the month of January is Bathrooms!
Last week we cleaned!
This week, it's all about getting organized!

So here's the ugly truth...
 Under the bathroom sink and vanity drawers can easily become the "catch-all" for every single toiletry ever made.

  We've all been here before. We have "things" in the deep, dark crevices of our bathroom drawers and under the sink that we may or may no longer use.

Time to get organized.

The Process:
1. Take everything out; all of it.
 2. Wipe everything clean and start fresh.

3. Get your organizing bins, baskets, trays, and/or containers together. Here's what I used.
I didn't want to spend money during Organizing week because I'm using my bathroom budget for the decorating, but I did find the over the door wire organizer at my local thrift store for just a few dollars. The other organizers I already had.

And I'm taking this container that wasn't get used much from my linen closet.

Dollar stores are great for organizing small spaces like my bathroom, but here's where you can get creative and organize without spending money.
 Use sturdy boxes and recycle small containers to store those small items in drawers.

4. Purge. Throw away items that are expired, donate items you don't use but are in good condition. Emphasis on good

 It's a messy job, but it will lead to an organized bathroom.

5. Put like items together in those bins and baskets you're using to get organized.
I was surprised at how much I needed to throw away and how much make-up I have. Does a girl really need this much make-up?

6. Put it all back...ORGANIZED!
 Hair dryers are just awkwardly shaped. They need their own space.
 Small vanity means small bins.
And here's what I did with that box from above. It's the perfect container for all things teeth.
 And those plastic butter containers now hold my supply of hair bands and miscellaneous essentials a girl needs.

 Boys don't have as many essential items as we do.

That's it. It took me about an hour to get it all done, but it was an hour well worth it!
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If you have already joined the monthly challenge, start now!
We've cleaned, we've organized, next we're decorating the bathrooms. (My favorite part!)