Bathroom Challenge Complete!

This month, it's been about bathrooms. Sound weird? I created a 2016 Challenge where each month, we'd take on one room in our home, clean it one week, organize it the next week, then decorate it for a final week. That leaves us with a beautiful space, and at the end of the year, we'll have a beautiful home, one room, one month at a time.

But a beautiful home isn't just about the decor or the cleaning and organizing we all search for from blog to blog. I want those things too, but a put together home doesn't matter as much as the family that lives there. Next month, Lewisville Love will begin including a Family and Home Life section! We're moving on up, looking up, and holding dear to those whom we share our lives with-family. I'm excited to share this new section of the blog with you and hope you'll join me!

Today though, it's back to bathrooms! And my "Before" bathroom isn't pretty. It's clean and organized thanks to the challenge, but not pretty.

 I know. Nothing matches, orange Spanish tile, burgundy shower curtain from the '90s I think,
and light contemporary vanity and framed mirror. There's only so much you can do when you rent, but work with what you've got and Be Thankful that you've got it!
 If you followed Tuesday's Tips and Tricks post about the 9 Common Elements in Every Beautiful Bathroom, you'll see I tried to follow my own advice.
New shower curtain and plush bath mat from TJ Maxx.
 White towels from Costco were added. Love these and they're a great deal!
I'm not a fan of towel bars, but again, work with what you have.
I did add shelves...a $4 thrift store find for these two white shelves. I really wanted to get everything off of the sink to make things tidy.
 Here's my tip when it comes to hanging shelves straight. Use painters tape to mark your nails. Here's a tutorial I put together that explains it more.

And these wire baskets were from the dollar spot at Target a few years ago. I like to shop in my own house before going out and spending money. They weren't in use until now.
 Add glass to hold accessories. Recycle jars and add jute twine to the tops. Shopping at home always pays off in the end.
Notice the rolled white towels I talked about on Tuesday's post.

More glass and a touch of greenery. Yes, it's fake, but it's green.
 Salad dressing bottles make great vases, and they're another great way to upcyle.
I couldn't decide whether to use this green pottery flower vase or the glass bottles. 

The other wire basket serves as my Accessories tray and the TP basket is a "roll" over element from the "before" bathroom.
The bathroom is bright and beautiful. For such a small, awkward space (it has two doors) it's now clean, organized, and this decorating project is officially complete!

So how did you do with the challenge?

You still have time to complete the monthly challenge.
Clean it
Organize it
Decorate it

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So what will the room be for February's Monthly Challenge? Come see on Tuesday!