A few weeks ago, I showed you a Basset dresser I found at the thrift store and spruced up a bit. I liked this dresser and the original shabby chic paint with dark walnut drawers, but there was something about it that just didn't make me fall in love with it. When I love my paint projects, I know they will sell quickly. When I don't love them, they hang out in storage longer.

So here is the re-design of my re-design.

It changed a bit from just a week ago. Here's what I did originally and you can read about the how I did them here. The wood drawer fronts look a lot darker in the pictures. They're nice, different, but a little on the masculine side. I liked it, but not loved it.
 Here's the dresser when I brought it home. Not pretty at all.
 Drastic change right? But it just wasn't enough. The dresser stayed in my living room for a few days. Sometimes, I just have to get used to a color or tones. I kept thinking it would grow on me. I love wood pieces and usually keep any part of wood exposed.
 But after some time, I decided this dark walnut stain was to harsh of a match for the rest of the dresser. So I decided to change it.
And...I'm so glad I did! It took me literally 30 minutes with a method of shabbing that's new to me. I usually
paint-wait for it to dry,
sand the edges,
use antique gel,
then finally put on a coat of poly.
This time, I lightly sanded the drawers and just painted right over them, lightly with a brush that barely had paint on it. I took a wet hot rag and wiped off some paint to show the wood underneath. I like this method better than waiting for the paint to dry then sanding. This is so much easier and better!
I antiqued the piece just as before and applied a coat of poly.
Now, I LOVE the piece!
Sometimes, we just need a fresh start!