That Old Park Bench

I've had this park bench in our back yard for a year now.  It was here when we moved in and I knew as soon as I saw it, this bench would be a project ... someday.  Well, it's been a year and "someday" finally came.

This old park bench was in bad shape.  Neglect was written all over it! For this project, I would need my handy, dandy power sander, spray paint, and wood stain.  I wouldn't do this project if I didn't have a power sander, though.  This wood was in bad shape and sanding it by hand would have taken me hours.

I used outdoor spray paint from Lowes for this project.  As I was taking the bench apart, I just happen to notice, or should I say remember, I had this patio table that I got for free from craigslist.  It was also in bad, neglected shape. 

So I thought, why not just paint it. 

And that's exactly what I did.  Wow, she looks SO much better, but I totally forgot to take a picture when I put it back together.  That's what happens when you do a few projects at the same time.

But back to the original project that I started with.  I took the bench apart and spray painted the metal black.

 Every bit of metal got a good coat of paint.

The wood slats were sanded down, stained in dark walnut, and carefully kept in the same order that I took them off.

What and INCREDIBLE difference!

And after Mr. Lewisville and I put it back together, this is what we had.


I'll be putting a coat of Helmsman Spar urethane to protect it. 

Love, Love, Love it ... and the outdoor pillow I got at the thrift store for just $1.

What a big difference.  I love coming out here in the morning and just sitting with a cup of coffee and my Bible.  I only have a few more days until winter comes, so I'll be taking advantage of using this bench for as long as I can.