It's the Little things that make a Blog and give me a monster Headache.

So this is not your average DIY post, but it (kind of) is if you happen to write a blog or thinking about starting one.
For most of you, this post is just to announce that I now, finally, after two years have a new Pinterest Pin button.  Just hover over a picture like the one below, and a P (for pinterest) will magically appear!

By the way, this is my fall mantel, not complete but in progress.  Everything you see came from the Dollar Store, except for the split peas of course.

I've been working on another website for the past three days, which just encouraged me all the more to look at my own little blog.  I haven't liked my pinterest button that once occupied the bottom right side of each post, but that little button was added on two years ago.

old pin button is now gone!
To make a long story short, html coding has to be changed, deleted or added to have any fancy little bells and whistles on a blog. It takes a while for me to figure out what code needs to be changed and exactly where that code is.  I have nearly 3000 lines of code. 

So for those of you who blog, this DIY post is for you.  I learned three valuable lessons in the last 48 hours. That's about how long it took me to take code out and put the pinterest hover code in. Blah! If I never see my htlm code again, I'll be just fine with that!

Lesson 1- I now know how to find htlm code fast
Instead of scrolling down line by line, blogger users can do this.
                1. Log in
                2. go to template
                3. click on edit html
                4. expand the code by selecting widget next
                5. Now all your blog code will pop up. Hold Ctrl  and select the F key.
                6. A small box will show up on the top right corner of you html code box. Now enter in the exact code you're looking for.  I put in <div style="float"....>. You have to put in the exact code.
                7. Hit enter and it will take you to the location of the code. LIFE SAVER for me.

That's what I learned to get rid of my old pinterest button.

Lesson 2. Pinterest has changed and you now have to verify your pins in order for them to get seen on your main page. Again, you have to add a "meta <tag>" which means playing around in the htlm code area. They provide a code but you have to know where to put it in the body. That's where lesson 1 helps again.

Lesson 3. Sometimes, you're just not going to figure everything out. I had to search in Pinterest for an easy code to add so that hover button can be added to my pictures.  I tried, really tried, to figure out what pinterest was talking about on their tools page, but their code explanation was beyond me. So I found someone who found someone who has an easy code to follow, and they tell you exactly where to put it. This is where I found the easy hover Pinterest code.

Now, those little things on my blog are complete and the monster headache is gone!