A Welcome Pop of Wood

Hey there, blog friends.  I'm excited to show you my entry way wall that's "in the works." I've had this idea to add a natural, rustic yet modern  look to it since it's the first place you see as soon as you enter my little house. I think the first place your eyes fix upon should stand out or at least be clean.  That just hasn't been the case with the entry way.  Look at what it looked like just last week.

Clean but plain. Last week I showed you how I updated my '80s brass light fixture.  I have a new found love for Oil Rubbed Bronze spray by Rustoleum. You can read about that project HERE.

So this week I took it a step further.  Since I rent this house and I'm not sure how long we'll remain here, I didn't want to paint or wall paper or do anything permanent.  But I'm loving clean wood lines so here's what I did.

Have you noticed how everyone has been painting striped walls.  I love that look, but again, nothing permanent works on rented walls.  So to have that striped look with a bit of a rustic flair, I took my self to Lowes and bought a 4x4; 1/4 inch birch panel.  I had them cut it down to 7 x 30 inch panels since they cut wood down for free.  And just in case you want ready to use wood panels, they do sell 6 inch "craft" panels. The length was wrong for me though, and I wanted a thicker look. 

So I took my cut wood back home, sanded it, wiped it down then stained it.  The use of an old sock that lost it's partner long ago comes in handy here. Use those single socks for your staining projects.

After two coats of stain, I protected my work with a coat of polyurethane.  Finally, it was time to put them up with these.
The Command damage-free hanging thingies are a renters best friend.  I used two for each wood panel. 
The panels stand out on their own, but I didn't want perfect "striped" walls, so I left 10 inches between panels.

This simple project cost me less than $25 (stain and poly were already on hand).  The wood was about $17 and  those Command strips about $8.  The top panel needs a special cut so that will happen next week when I'm hoping this entry wall will be complete.

I love the entry wall now, seriously LOVE it.  When people enter my home now, they're welcomed with a pop of wood! What do you think?