Time to Vote!

     Okay everyone, it's time to vote! I've redesigned the blog but you, my dear readers, get to vote for the final color!  For the last four weeks you've seen the new header in different colors. Now you get to vote for your favorite.

      The winning color will be announced on the blog next Monday, Sept. 22 with lots of fanfare- cake, ice cream, DJ...okay that will only be here at my house- minus the DJ, but we'll all be celebrating!  That means every button, link and outline will also be changed.  You have until Saturday night to vote, so head on over to the side bar and vote!

Also this week, you can look forward to...

Tuesday- Tips and Tricks
Thursday- New design project! (You don't want to miss this one.)
Friday- Gluten Free Friday recipe

Time to vote!
Here are your choices

Can't wait to see what you choose!