My New Spray Paint LOVE!

I have had this little project swirling in my mind for the last couple of months.  It's something I've thought about many times.  How would I execute it?  What colors should I use?  That little voice inside my head would tell me how great the entry way would look if only ... then in the next minute I'd find a reason not to do it.  Ever been there?
Well, I took the plunge.  I've been working on my entry way this week and today I'm showing you the first part.  It's a BIG change though and, wow, what a difference it makes.
Take a look.

I know it doesn't look like much, but OH MY GOODNESS!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

It might help if you see the before though so you can understand my over exuberance.

Here's my sad, plain entryway wall.

Here's sad and plain up close.  80's brass is just a bonus!

So here's what I did.

I prepared to spray paint it.  First, the light fixture got a good cleaning.  Have you ever had dust so thick it was sticky?  Yup, that's what I had. Then those paper bags from TJ's came in handy and were taped around the fixture. Yes, I know I could have taken the fixture off, but where would be the fun in that. 
Next, all the doors and windows were opened, every fan in the house was on, and I bribed my dog to go outside with a doggy treat. 
Primer was sprayed first. (I would have used a darker primer but all I had on hand was white.)

A coat of primer and then the magic!

Oil Rubbed Bronze, a.k.a. magic update in a can, is by far the best $6 I've spent all year. Really.

It's not black.  It's not brown. It's bronze with texture and I love it.

Easy, quick, inexpensive, and beautiful.
And I'm purposely not showing you the rest of the wall because that's for next week.  I have to say though , the new entry wall is my favorite DIY project so far this year.  Maybe of all time. 
You'll just have to come back an see.