Aqua Spray Paint

Hello Everyone! Happy wet Thursday to you all from the Mile High city... or there abouts.  I have a quick and easy little project that I wanted to show you.  I re-painted a little side table I found at a thrift store a few years ago.  This time I used spray paint in a color we're highlighting in my girls' room.  Man, I love spray paint.  Little finds can be transformed in a few minutes for a few bucks! I think I'm going to have to a section just for spray painting items on this blog.

 I love having a pop of color like this, but look at the before picture below.  I paid half price for the table so it was just $1.50.  It wasn't perfect, but seriously whose going to complain for a dollar fifty.

 Then I painted it like this.  Why did I think this was cute???? Ugh. But you can read what I was thinking in this post.
 So my girls decided they don't want a yellow and grey room anymore.  They are liking the coral and turquoise combos.  Love that color combo, too.  To get a move in that color direction, I decided to repaint this table.

 I started out by lightly sanding  the piece with 100 grit sand paper.  It was just enough for the primer to cover over the grey and yellow dots.

Then just a simple coat of spray primer ...

 I love the white already, but she wasn't finished.

 The first time I painted this piece I used a brush and paint from a can.  This time, to minimize the brush strokes and save mucho time and aggravation, I decided to just spray paint. 
 Best decision!  I used the Aqua color from Rust-Oleum.  Love it.

Love, love, love the results and so do my girls!  It will be going to their room now, but just for this post I wanted to show you how pretty it looks holding my birthday flowers from Mr. Lewisville.  I celebrated being 41 this last Saturday.  So blessed and thankful for my Lewisville life. 

So do you love spray paint, too?