Tips and Tricks Tuesday

THREE MORE WEEKS!  That's it!  Just three more weeks until my kids are done with school and this home schooling mom is free (more or less) for the summer.  I'm looking forward to our summer break!  Every teacher in America is looking forward to their summer break.  Three More Weeks!

But for today...It's Tips and Tricks Tuesday!
If you're new here, welcome to Lewisville!  Today is Tips and Tricks Tuesday! It's a good day to visit here.  I like finding simple solutions to everyday living and sharing some of my favorite tips with you all!  You can find most of these tips on my  Pinterest Tips and Tricks board, where I'd also love to have you follow along.  There's always facebook and twitter too.  If you want to pin these tips on your own board, just click {source} below each picture.  It will take you to the original source of the tip, and it's always best to pin from the original source.

Tip 1.  Love the idea of traveling light and watching a moving from your phone instead of a laptop or tablet.  Throw the phone in a zip bag and hang it from the seat in front of you. 

Tip 2.  Use a small, decorative wine  rack to store your hair tools.  So many of us use them every day so this may help in keeping the counters clean and beautiful.

Tip 3.  Ok, I know we all have travel cups, but it's always when you're in a hurry and running out the door that you can't find one or they're all dishwasher.  Here's a quick and easy work around.

Tip 4.  Remember those old dish racks.  Spray paint one in a bold, bright color and use it as a paper file. 

Tip 5.  My favorite tips for today, I love stuffed peppers but we always had the problem of them falling over in the baking dish.  Here's to the genius cook who came up with a solution for all of us!

Hope you found something helpful today!