Organize it Thursday! The Linen Closet

It's another Thursday which means it's time to get a small area of our home organized.  Today, we take a look back at my linen closet (organized) makeover.  It didn't take much in terms of time or money, so enjoy and be inspired! 
See you Tuesday for all new Tips and Tricks Sofa Makeover!

Three.  Tres. $3 dollars.  That's what it cost me to organize my linen closet.  The feeling I get when I open the door and see everything in it's place- priceless!
 Yes, a few baskets from the Dollar Tree mixed with what I already had gave me a nicely organized linen closet. The closet wasn't necessarily "terrible" in it's organization, but it was a mess and lacked order in places.  Here's what it looked like before. 

This post is all part of my personal organization challenge.  A few weeks ago I decided to start organizing the messy and unorganized areas of my home (closets, drawers, pantry, etc) and show you the work in progress.  Each week I work on an "hidden" area and show you the honest truth- from mess to organizing bliss!  Last week I organized my very thin/narrow vanity drawer.  Here's what it looks like now.  It's still organized!  I'm still using the tuna cans, but there's a minor change to the scissors holder.   

It really makes a difference in how I feel when I'm getting ready!  The first step with each of my organizing projects is to start with  clean slate.  Everything comes out and is separated into  three categories- trash, it doesn't belong, and it goes back in there.
(Sorry for the bad pictures.  The closet is in my hallway, which doesn't get any natural lighting.)  I already had two wicker baskets that I bought years ago.  I use these still for the "little" things that can get lost behind towels and blankets.

In one basket I placed my light bulbs and upstairs emergency candles together.

The second basket is used for toiletries.  The extra soaps, toothpastes, and shampoos go in here.  I'm obviously running low on a few things.  Seeing my supplies like this, helps me know what to pick up on my next shopping trip.
The extra Dollar Tree bin from my under the bathroom sink organization project is now being used to hold the extra toilet paper for the upstairs.
I picked up three basket from the Dollar Tree for this project.  These two hold our sheets.   You can see the shelves in the closet are long and some things can be hidden behind the wall.  My cleaning supplies are also on this shelf.
As we are coming into colder weather, most of our blankets are being used, but this shelf holds the extras and more emergency supplies.
When I put it all back together, the closet is neatly organized and everything is in its place. 
The towels are folded, rather than rolled.  I love the rolled look but I know it wouldn't last in here where the kids grab their towels.  It would be a mess just waiting to happen.  The final basket from the Dollar Tree holds the kid's wash clothes and hand towels for their bathroom.
We love going to the pools in our community-even in the winter, so all our beach towels are placed right next to the sheets.  It's a grab and go kind of situation for us.
The small kid's blankets and throw are also hidden behind the wall. 
Sleeping bags are at the very top along with some picture boxes behind the wall.  On the very bottom, overnight bags and my supply of Costco toilet paper have a home.  I know-  I need toilet paper too.
I really LOVE the way the linen closet is nice and organized.  It's just a great feeling every time I open the door now. Even my kids appreciate the organized closet! 
So one more time,  BEFORE

 And AFTER! 

I'm really liking this organizing challenge I put myself on-finally. I dare say I just might be getting a little addicted to this organizing thing.  Lewisville is certainly reaping the benefits!  The best part about this is that I'm spending very little to get the home organized.  I hope you'll be inspired by these post.  I want this to be a little help, from one girl to another!


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