Tips and Tricks Tuesday! How to get rid of hiccups

This is a little different, I know, but today's tip is one we can all appreciate.  We've all had to deal with hiccups.  They come without warning and annoy us for minutes, and minutes, and way too much time.  We all hold our breaths until our faces turn blue.  We drink a cup of water, then another, then another.  Does any of it work?  No.  It doesn't.  After a time, they leave on their own into the vast unknown from whence they came. 
But sometimes, they get to be painful or they come when we least have time to deal with their agitation- like right before an important meeting.  Arggggh! 

Today, I want to give you a sure fire way to get rid of hiccups!  I've been doing this little trick for years, and it works every time.  Our entire family does it whenever those pesky hiccups come about, and today you'll take our rather strange method and tell others about it as you realize it's unconventional truth. Are you ready? 

Step 1.  You'll need a glass of water

Step 2.  You'll also need a paper towel.  You can use a paper napkin too, but I prefer a thick paper towel.

Step 3.  Cover your water glass with the paper towel

Step 4.  Drink the water through the paper towel, slowly for 5-10 seconds.

The paper does not tear just in case you're wondering.  I've had to repeat this method just once, but all other times, my hiccups are mysteriously gone!

Kind of weird I know, but it works!  You're all wanting to get hiccups now, aren't you?  Try it and tell me how it works for you!