Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  How are things in your corner of the world?  We've been having up and down weather here in Colorado.  It's snowy one day, sunny the next, then windy the following, and today it's cloudy and looks like we're about to experience some rain.  I'm eagerly waiting for spring to make her appearance!  Please come.  Please come quickly.

So I have been inspired lately to get more done around the new (rental) house.  For a while I've been slow to "tackle" any project.  When inspiration is lacking, I know to wait it out.  It will come back eventually, and my desire to DIY now is greater than ever.  I just need it to warm up a bit to get going!  So let's hear it for new projects!  Coming to Lewisville soon...

If you're new here, welcome to Lewisville!  Today is Tips and Tricks Tuesday! It's a good day to visit here.  I like finding simple solutions to everyday living and sharing some of my favorite tips with you all!  You can find most of these tips on my  Pinterest Tips and Tricks board, where I'd also love to have you follow along.  There's always facebook and twitter too.  If you want to pin these tips on your own board, just click {source} below each picture.  It will take you to the original source of the tip, and it's always best to pin from the original source.

Tip1.  Book storage.  Paint an old dishrack like this and turn it into....

a book caddy like this.  Great idea when you think of the potential and endless colors for a specific room! 

Tip 2.  Purse Problems?  I'm going through a purse phase right now.  I'm liking and wanting to bring home many purses I find on sale.  A purse for every season, I say! Every season meaning every other day- hahaha.  Ok, but the problem is where to store all those purses neatly, instead of stacking them on the top shelf of your closet on top of each other.  Here's our solution, girls.  I mean, your solution.  ahem.  Use clear/acrylic file holders.   LOVE.

Tip 3.  Messy garage, anyone?  Yes, as a matter of fact I am a DIYer, with a messy garage.    Love this idea though.  Get your trash bags out of the way with a paper towel rack. 

Tip 4.  I don't have  enough ear rings to do this, but a girl can have goals.   Use ice trays to organize you ear d├ęcor. 

Tip 5.  Awww, spices!  But this tip isn't about spices.  It's about tension rods.  That's right.  Use them in a spice drawer to keep things neat and organized.  Love this idea.


Hope you found a tip or two to help you out.