Get Organized Thursdays- Baking supplies

We're back with Organize it Thursdays!  I wanted to continue on with organizing in the kitchen, and as I saw this old post about the Super Bowl, I just laughed and  realized I had to post it.  From my last post, you all know my favorite saying right now, along with my entire state of Colorado is GO BRONCOS!  Hehehe.  Everyone, everywhere is wearing orange and blue.  The car flags are flying, the Bronco balloons and cupcakes and all things Bronco are selling out.  Even our children's hospital is serving orange slushies to the patients.  LOVE it!  GO BRONCOS!

 But let's get organized too.  Here's a post from last year that I wanted to share with you.  We'll continue with our kitchen organization next week too.

Hello All!  How'd you like that Super Bowl?  Being from California, I wish the 49ers had shown up earlier.  I'm a long time 49ers fan, and though disappointed they lost, I'm very excited to see them in the playoffs again. We've been waiting! The commercials, as always, were entertaining.  And speaking of entertaining, we haven't watched the half time show in years.  We have kids, and ever since wardrobe malfunctions and an insufficient amount of wardrobe on most entertainers, we choose to pause and make more snacks instead. Yesterday it was tortilla chips and guacamole, kettle corn, and carnitas tacos- all home made.  Good food always makes the SuperBowl better, unless your team looses and there's a power outage.  Oh wait...

So today, I thought I'd show you how I organized my baking supplies in the new pantry.

 I have a daughter who LOVES to bake and she's always in the kitchen making cookies or cupcakes for her adorning fans, otherwise known as her family...mainly mom and dad....ok, mostly mom.  She's a great baker actually and someday she wants to open her own cupcake business...or work for Disney.  If those fall through, she said her back up plan is to become a lawyer.  I love that law is her "back up".  Kids think of what would be a fun job to do.  Working for Disney and baking are fun.  Law, not so much.  That's why it's a "back up".  She's 11 and has been a planner ever since she could draw out her list of things to do.  I adore her.

 But back to organizing. Remember how I re-purposed all those cookie tins from Christmas?  If you missed that post you can read about it HERE.

I love how these tins turned out.  Spray painting them on the outside (only) really gives them a great cohesive look, and they're perfect for organizing my baking supplies.

Above, I gathered all my sprinkles together.

 Cookie cutters go in another tin.

 Gels and coloring dyes go in another, along with the one lone cookie cutter that didn't fit.  Don't you just hate that?

 And baking ingredients fit nicely into the last tin.

The labels I created were re-sized to fit the tins, but they look fabulous.  I love labels!

That's it.  I love our little baking section in the pantry.  It makes things so easy to find, and since we're not searching around the pantry or kitchen cabinets for these things, we're saving time.

I keep the baking supplies on the bottom shelf where it's easy for aspiring bakers to reach.  A little organization and a little beauty have made this Up-cycle Pantry one of my favorite projects so far.


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