Beach Bathroom- Transfer

As a California girl, I miss the beach sometimes.  Today, it's 6 degrees in my Colorado neighborhood, so I'm especially missing the warm, sandy coast.  Last year, I decided to decorate the kids' bathroom in a beach theme.  I painted the walls a "Venice Beach" blue and either made or re-purposed all the d├ęcor.  It was fun.
We just moved, and the bathroom transfer is complete.  I didn't paint the walls this time, and I'm not sure if I will.  There's so much to do and painting is not a top priority right now. Here's a look at what our new beach themed bathroom looks like now-minus paint.

This bathroom is in the basement, which is fully finished and houses a bedroom, a small bonus room, laundry room, and this bathroom.  As you walk through the laundry room, this is what you'll see.  Doesn't is just say, pull up some sand?

I made the BEACH sign and the shells and starfish art.  You can read about how I did that HERE.

I know the lighting fixture doesn't match my theme, but it will just have to do for now. The shower curtain I found at TJ Maxx and I still just love how it makes a Beach statement for this small bathroom.

I had to play around with where to put everything.  Room transfers from one house to another don't always work.

I wouldn't have chosen that big silver towel/ hotel rack thingy, but again, it will have to do for now. 

I bought this coat hanger from the clearance table at Hobby Lobby, took it home, and re-painted it for my beach theme.  You can read about that transformation HERE.

Since this is my kids' bathroom, I wanted their artwork and trophies in it as much as possible.  Their surf camp and summer camp works of art and trophy just fit the room perfectly.
That shelf by the way, is really two bookends put together and painted by this mama. For the bookend project, go HERE.

A new addition to the room is this Costco milk box, turned into a rope basket to hold some necessities. This is one of my favorite up-cycling projects.  Would you ever guess this was a milk box from Costco.  You can read about this project HERE.

Then there's this surfboard that I found at a thrift store and gave it some life with a little stain.  I used it as a shelf in the old house but not sure what to do with it here.  Do I just use it as art here?....

Or maybe here?....

 Or maybe just stand it up here by the mirror?

I think I like this last one because it reminds me of all the boards sticking out of the sand in Cali.   So what do you think of this beach themed bathroom.  Can you believe I did it all for under $100-way under!  To read about it all, you can visit HERE.