Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Hi there, Everyone!  I hope you are all having a great week.  I am dealing with a computer that's "sick" and won't cooperate with me.  It crashed earlier this week and we're trying to figure it all out. Thus, I'm unable to get out the my normal post.  Sorry about that.  I'm having my IT guy (aka- Mr. Lewisville) work on it for me.  Until then, I'm using the kids' computer.  Feels weird to say that, but so thankful they get our hand me down which includes our old laptops.

* If you're new here, welcome to Lewisville!  Today is Tips and Tricks Tuesday! It's a good day to visit here.  I like finding simple solutions to everyday living and sharing some of my favorite tips with you all!  You can find most of these tips on my  Pinterest Tips and Tricks board, where I'd also love to have you follow along.  There's always facebook and twitter too.  If you want to pin these tips on your own board, just click {source} below each picture.  It will take you to the original source of the tip, and it's always best to pin from the original source.

Today's tips are all about thinking outside of the box.

Tip 1. Bake you cookies in a cupcake pan.  You'll keep them uniform in size and they stay soft.  Haven't tried this yet, but we love to bake here in Lewisville so it will be a fun project to test!


Tip 2.  There are so many ways to change a lampshade.  One of the easiest ways to add your own unique style is to simply paint it.  Did you ever think to do that?  Good ole spray paint!

Tip 3.  I never knew this, but apparently it works.  To keep your potatoes from sprouting buds, store them with an apple.  

 Tip 4.  LOVE this idea.  We all need extra storage space, right?  Especially in the kids room!  Take those (Ikea) spice racks and attach them to the side of a dresser.  You have instant shelves. 

Tip 5.  And speaking of spice racks, here's another idea to use them in the bathroom.  Attach them to a wall for extra shelf space.  This is a much needed element in a teen girl's bathroom.

Thinking of trying any of these tips and tricks?  Let me know how they turn out for you!