Little Improvement in the Laundry Room

Ok, so this is not a "project" that took me time or work or sweat from my brow.  It's just a little improvement that I made to the laundry room, but to me, these little improvements add up BIG!  Little by little, this room will get done.  You may not even notice anything but here it is.

Do you see it?  It's my new laundry detergent "container".  In reality, it's a glass penny jar that I picked up from Walmart for under $7. Long, long ago, you could buy candy for just a penny.  Those hard sugar candies were stored in glass jars just like this.  Cute re-purpose, don't you think? Or is it just me that loves out of the box ideas?

I literally needed an "out of the box" solution here.  I was using this ugly plastic shoe box to hold my laundry detergent.  By the way, I still make my own laundry detergent every month to save money.  If you'd like the recipe, go HERE.
Yes, the plastic box served it's purpose for the time being, but now that my attention is focused on a laundry room makeover, it was time to say goodbye to my dollar store purchase from so long ago.  Bon Voyage plastic box.

I wanted a laundry detergent container that was easy to open and close and preferably one that didn't require the kids to lift off the shelf.  The penny jar leans on it's side and the lid (no suction) comes off easily.
Perfect and pretty for my detergent purposes.

 So what do you think?  I'm hoping the laundry room will be done in the next week or so.  I'm always on the hunt for budget friendly decor solutions, tips, tricks, and ideas.  My makeovers may take me a while, but in the end I love the way they turn out, and I love all those pennies dollars saved!

 Next up,  I'm organizing all my cleaning products and that "stuff" I put on the laundry shelves.  I have another penny screaming "idea", so if it works, you'll see it next week.

But for now, I'll just smile every time I scoop out the laundry detergent. 

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