Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Well hello there, everyone!  I'm glad you're here for our weekly tips and tricks post.  If you're new here to Lewisville, WELCOME!  Grab yourself a cup of coffee and stay for a while.

I've been thinking about getting new curtains for the living room.  Actually, all the rooms need curtains, but for now, the living room will be getting a new look soon.  It just so happens that today's Tips and Tricks have to do with all things curtains and hanging them.

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Tip 1.  For ring or grommet curtains, leave one of the rings on bracket.  I think this gives your curtains a more complete look and it gets rid of side light coming into the room.  With a window facing the sun all day, I love this idea.


 Tip 2.  This next curtain tip is seriously on the genius side!  Double curtain rods are crazy expensive.  It's a great look to have sheers behind your curtains but for those long windows, your window treatment can quickly turn into a payment plan.  For that double curtain look, just add a BUNGEE cord to the sides of your rod!  Who's ever going to know that's a bungee cord?


Tip 3.  I always find great curtain rods at yard sales, but if you need something cheap and in a hurry, think about using pvc pipe or electrical conduit.  You can spray paint them and add finials to the ends.


Tip 4.  Need more space?  Think about adding a shelf above your window (or door).  You can make it part of your rod and bracket for complete look.  Love it!

I've shown the next two tips before, but they're worth re-posting.

Tip 5. There's an art to hanging curtains.  Most curtains are sold in a standard 84 inch length.  Buying longer curtains and hanging them above the window, makes a huge difference.  It makes the room look larger and the window treatment more decorative.


Tip 6.  Who likes hanging curtains?  No one!  Choosing the right place and spacing for your curtain rod alone can be very tricky.  Miss Mustard Seed (one of my favorite bloggers by the way) shows us an easy way to hang curtains by using a template.  Mark your space for the screws and when you're ready to hang the other side, just flip the template.  NICE!


So that's it for today.  Hopefully you'll see my new curtains up by next week and you just might be surprised!