Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Well hello everyone!  The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer!  I'm a happy girl!  The warmth allows me some time to work outside.  I've been a busy little bee, and I can't wait to get my paint projects done so I can show you....and sell them on craigslist.  I found a great dresser this weekend at the Goodwill.  Can't wait to get my hands on it and flip it.  We don't need any dressers here in Lewisville right now, but for $20 the dresser is going to make a great profit!  That's later.

Today, is tips and tricks Tuesday, and if you're new here, welcome to Lewisville!  Each week I pick out a few tips and tricks I find and share them with you all.  Most of these tips can be found on my Tips & Tricks board on Pinterest.  You can follow me there or if you're so inclined, sign up to get the emails so you don't miss a post!  Don't you just love technology?
Today, I thought I'd put together a few organizing projects that will cost you zero to little money to put together.  Aren't those the best kind of projects?  You're simply going to use shoe boxes, cereal boxes,card board  boxes, and some paper or fabric material.  Like?  Then lets get inspired!

Tip 1.  You can cut up shoe boxes and use them as drawer organizers.  My drawer could use some organizing indeed!

Tip 2.  Cover a CEREAL BOX with fabric or scrap paper.  Attach magnets on the back and hang it on the fridge.  You can use it for mail, take out menus, kids chore list?  Love anything that helps with paper clutter!

Tip 3.  Wire shelves are helpful but annoying sometimes.  Here's a smart and decorative solution to those pockets that allow things to slip through.  Cut down foam board or cardboard and add shelf liner, paper, or fabric.  Great solution.
 Here are some ways I've used card board boxes here in Lewisville. They really are a great way to help get organized.

Tip 4.  You can take beverage boxes (think water bottles, cans, gatorade, izze, etc.) and cover them for just about any purpose in your pantry, office, or any room in your home.  You can read about my up-cycle project HERE.
 Tip 5.  This is one of my favorites.  I took a milk carton from Costco and made it into a basket.  No one knows the difference.  You can read about this project HERE.

Tip 6.  I love using cereal boxes.  I used it HERE to make a paper organizer,

and I've cut up cereal boxes to make wall art.  You can read about that project HERE!  That's right-CEREAL BOXES!

I hope you've been inspired to up-cycle and use more of those boxes you already have at home.  A little fabric or paper can change just about anything!