Tips and Tricks Tuesday # 43

Hello, hello!  Once again,  it's snowing today, but the good news is we're warming up to 70degrees on Friday.  Strange, I know but that's been our weather here lately.  Snow one day, shorts the next.

So if you're new here, Welcome to Lewisville!  On Tuesdays, I share tips and tricks I've found that can help us out in our own homes.  Sometimes it's cleaning, sometimes it's organizing, and somtimes it's just little things that may help or inspire us around the house.  Those little things add up though.  You can find all these on my Tips and Tricks board on Pinterest, where you can follow me and all the things I pin!  Now onto inspiration-

Tip 1.  I literally throw my hairdryer and flat iron under the sink when I'm done with them.  Not very organized I know.  The added hooks behind the cabinet door is so smart.  I'll be getting these this week to hang my hair tools.

Tip 2.  Hooks, hooks, and more hooks.   I've seen some great ideas on how to hang and organize my pots and pans' lids, but I've never thought about using everyday hooks.  Again, right behind the door saves space.  Great idea here.

Tip 3.  Do you have munchkins that keep falling off the bed?  Place a pool noodle under the sheets to keep them from rolling off the edge.  Smart mama.

Tip 4.  I love making my own cakes for the kids birthdays and other celebrations, and I'm always looking for unique ways to decorate them.  Here, cookie cutters are used.  Again, so smart.

 Tip 5.  Who loves waffles?  me, me, me!  Who loves to clean the waffle iron?----------
Ok, so no one likes this job, but here's an easier way to get it done.  Unplug the iron and place a wet paper towel in between the iron.  The steam will clean the iron and just wipe it down with another paper towel after. 

Hope you liked today's tips and found a little inspiration for your home today.  Have a great day everyone!