The Burlap Box

Hi there, everyone!  I am quite thrilled with the way the laundry room shelf  is coming along.  I've been needing extra shelving so I can get more ORGANIZED this year!  Unfortunately for me, we've been having some bipolar weather here.  It's hot one day, then cold and wet the next.  It makes it kind of difficult to get my "outdoor" painting projects (like my shelf) completed.  So instead, I've been working on the actual organizing boxes that will go on the above said shelf.  Here's what I came up with.

As always, I try to create solutions that require zero money.  It's the Lewisville way when it comes to these kinds of crafting and organizing projects.  I've made an organizing basket before with these milk boxes from Costco.  I love the way those turned out too.  You can read about that project HERE.

In fact, there are so many great projects out there that show these kinds of up-cycled cardboard box projects.  You can read about them from my last Tips and Tricks Tuesday post.  Good ideas, I tell you!

For this organizing "basket", "box", "bin" (not sure what to call it?) I wanted to use burlap.  So after cutting the top flaps off using a box cutter, I covered the box with a brown paper bag.  Takes me back to those jr. high days of covering my books.

Then I measured and cut my burlap.  Here's a little trick when it comes to cutting burlap.

Measure to the burlap thread where you want to cut. Snip that piece so it's loosened from the rest and start pulling it away.

It will leave you with an empty weave like this.  Now you can cut the burlap with out leaning over so close to the material just to make sure you're cutting along the right thread line.

After cutting the burlap, I wrapped the the box.

 Then I hot glued the burlap to the box. The picture below shows the bottom of the box.  For the next ones, I went ahead and covered the bottoms with burlap too. 

I didn't worry about using a lining on the inside.  I don't think anyone will see the inside once we start filling it up with stuff.

Then, I added some extra flair with a simple white sheer ribbon and jute twine from my craft box .  I have no idea if there is a "right" way to make a flower out of jute twine.  I just winged it, starting off with a simple bow then added the other loops using hot glue.  Voila!

And that my friends, is the fastest and cheapest organizing box I've ever made!

I think it's pretty though, and it's going to look great in the laundry room!


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