Paint Progress

It's been a busy week here in Lewisville.  I'm taking advantage of the warm weather and doing some furniture paint projects outside.  Hopefully, you'll see the fruits of my labor by next week.  Today, I'll just show you the little bit of progress I've made in the laundry room.  I decided my laundry room would be my next room make over.  I added the wood stained shelf last week, and this week, I painted the existing shelf white.
 This simple white shelf makes such a difference.  Here's what my laundry room looked like before. There was only one shelf and it blended in with the wall since they were painted the same color.  Not the best use of such a large space.

 I LOVE simple projects, but paint projects always take longer than we all think.  This was a two day project.  It started with a good cleaning of the shelf.  And since I was in the Spring cleaning mode, I went ahead and cleaned behind the washer and dryer too.  How does that area get so dirty?

 I didn't want to tape off the shelf but after my first coat of primer, I realized my good paint brush was not accompanied by a steady painter's hand.  So I took the time to tape it off.  I used two coats of white primer to help cover the thick peach color- a color I didn't choose by the way.

The next day, two coats of white paint were brushed on to complete the shelf.  I realize now, that I still need to add polycrylic to protect my work and the white paint.

The results brighten up the room, and the white and wood stained shelves balance each other out so well.

I Love the results!

The ideas are flowing for this space.  We'll see if I can get this done in the next week...or so.  Until then, I must focus on Easter and the dinner that I still have not planned?????