My Man Moment in the laundry room

Last week I put together a Plastic Shopping Bag Dispenser.  I made it out of an oatmeal canister, and it turned out great.  That one little project became my inspiration to get my laundry room together(finally).  I need shelving and organizing bins and color of course.  Starting a room makeover can seem overwhelming when you begin, but you have to start some where, right?  For me, the dispenser became my inspiration to begin.  So this week I decided to put up shelving.  Enter the necessity to use the Christmas gift the handsome Mr. Lewisville gave me- POWER TOOLS!

 Muahaha!  I must admit, I LOVED using my hand held tool.  It cut through my piece of wood/shelving perfectly.  No more manual saw with killer pain in the shoulders the next day!  Whoop. Whoop!

 But back to the laundry room.  Here it is.  Plain. I know.  It serves it's purpose but with only one shelf and a coat closet on the other side, I've always felt there is so much wasted space in this room.  Enter the shelf I'm adding.

 I would have just added one of those closet made wire shelves, but their standard size is too large for this space.  Plus, my inspiration piece is made out of wood and burlap so I want to incorporate those elements into my laundry room.  I bought this piece of wood at Home Depot a few months ago.  It was meant to  be used in the kid's bathroom, but that project never happened.  My plan is to stain it and set it on corbels.

 The piece was a few inches to long so I had to cut it down.  Enter my handy-dandy (literally) power blade and my man moment.  I love my gift, and this is exactly what I asked for at Christmas.  I had been using a manual saw and hated it.  H-A-T-E.  Strong word, but true.  The funny thing is I didn't use it until now-3 months later (ok, that's a women moment I know).  When I was ready to use,here's the man moment, I didn't want to read through the directions, so I winged it.  Eyeballed it.  Figured it out.  Really, that's so unlike me, but the Rigid tool is really that easy. (By the way, I'm not getting paid by Rigid for talking about their product)

I was able to cut through the wood in just a few minutes, and it was not difficult to maneuver at all.  By the way, always use safety glasses if you decide to have a man moment for yourself.

So again, here's the empty, wasted space.  A shelf here will be perfect for the munchkins to put their stuff.  The one above is to tall for them (and me sometimes). 

It will look something like this, just stained and all pretty like.  See my dispenser over there?

So here's the full package by the way of my wonderful Christmas gift the my wonderful husband blessed me with.  The heads change so I can sand, cut, drill, and do just about anything.  It even interchanges with Dremel and Bosch products! HEY!

And it fits neatly in it's own bag, which helps this want- to- be organizing, DIY, and cleaning mom.

Next week, you'll see the results of the shelf.  I can't wait!