Tips and Tricks Tuesday

Burrrr! We are experiencing some pretty cold weather lately! Last Sunday we had blizzard-like conditions and snow falling for 24 hours.  The boys had to go out a few times to shovel the driveway.  We try to stay in when the weather is this bad, but sometimes it's just not possible.  Today, library books were due and we had dental appointments.  Then there's the inevitable stopping at the grocery store for that one thing you forgot to get on your list.  And it's snowing again!  I'm ready for spring, sunny days, and warm weather.  Then I can start painting again!

Today though, I must be content with sipping tea and keeping cozy by the fire.  Not a bad day by any means.  Oh, and of course it's Tips and Tricks Tuesday, which makes it even better.  If you're new here, welcome!  On Tuesdays we get together and review a few tips and tricks from around Pinterest and blogland.  You can visit and follow my Pinterest boards here, and I'd LOVE it you followed Lewisville  Love by email, facebook, or twitter too.  Today's tips and tricks are all about paint!  Can you tell I've had painting on my mind lately.

Tip 1.  I've shared this before but it's worth repeating.  Use a rubber band around a paint can to wipe off excess paint.  It's cleaner than using the side of the can.


Or you can clip off part of a hanger to do the same thing.


Tip 2.  I think this is genius, especially if you're painting inside.  Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to a new gallon of paint.  It doesn't effect the paint or color, but it makes those paint fumes more bearable.

Tip 3.  SWEET!  Tie yarn around a roller for different effects.

 Tip 4.  I know paint liners are really cheap, but I always find myself out of them whenever I need one.   So, next time, I'll be doing this.  Cover the paint pan with aluminum foil and just toss it when done.

Tip 5.  Ok not sure about this, but it's worth trying on a small project.  We all love spraypaint because it makes painting easier and faster.  Apparently, you can make your own spray paint with a spray bottle and acrylic paint.  Just add 2 parts paint to 1 part water and shake until well mixed.  We'll see?

Tip 6.  Oh my, very smart.  You can make your own handled paint tray out of a milk gallon jug.  The opening works perfectly to hold your paint brush too- BONUS!

 Tip 7.  Could it be so easy.  If you're painting a door and don't want to go through all the trouble (or hassle) of taking off the hardware, wrap it in aluminum foil.  It forms a perfect mold and stays in place.

Tip 8.  I'm adding my own tip, and this comes from painting my kids bathroom last summer.  To paint that tight space right behind the toilet, cover the toilet tank with a trash bag.  Brush paint onto the bag then put your hand into the opening of the bag.  Stamp the wall with your hand which is on the inside of the bag.  Most brushes can't fit behind there, but your hand can.

Hope you all found some painting help from today's Tips and Tricks!  Stay warm!