Tips and Tricks Tuesday #41

Whoa!  I completely spaced out today and forgot about our regular Tuesday Tips and Tricks date!  It's been a normal busy day here in Lewisville- a little (not really) home schooling, some cleaning (not much), and a much needed run for myself.  Here I am watching a show with my family, surfing my favorite blogs and websites, and not remembering a single bit about this regular Tuesday post!  Tiss, tiss, on me. 
So if you're new here, welcome!  On Tuesdays we like to get together and check out the latest tips and tricks to help us around our own homes!  Most tips come from Pinterest and you can find them on my Tips and Tricks board.  Please feel free to follow along and share your comments with the rest of us.

All of today's tips have to do with organization and/or space saving.  We can all use a little of that, right?  These tips are meant to inspire.  You may not see yourself doing any of these tips, but just catching an idea may inspire something else in your own home.  So without further ado...

Tip. 1- So here's an interesting way to store and organize your shoes.  Purchase PVC pipe from your favorite home improvement store and cut it to shoe size.  Hang them up and keep those shoes off the ground. 

 Tip 2.  Mount a basket under a desk to hold your cords and outlets.  The basket will keep them hidden and off the floor.  I must do this.  I just vacuumed under our desk and there was a dusty mess of wires down there. Yikes!

Tip 3.    I actually saw this about 6 years ago and have been doing it ever since.  When you have a recipe on paper to follow, just attach it to a pant hanger to keep it off the counter and away from messy ingredients.

 Tip 4.  Oh so smart!  My wrapping paper is standing in the corner of my laundry room closet.  It doesn't look this nice and constantly has to be readjusted to keep them all standing.  These closet shelves used in a unique and different way, keep them all nice and neat.  I love when we think outside the box. 

 Tip 5.  I have a few purses that I hang on hanger in my master bedroom.  They get in the way and it's really not the most ideal situation.  Using a metal curtain rod, that can be taken off the hooks easily, is a clever and pretty way to display your bags.  Nicely done!
I hope you found something today to inspire some organization in your own home!